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One Piece Chapter 939 Discussion: Grandpa Hyou Still Got His Touch

One Piece chapter 939 is quite interesting because we get more information about Komurasaki's secrets and her past. We also get to see Beppo and friends' condition after being caught. And what is no less interesting, this chapter also shows Luffytaro who is still practicing his new haki technique.

Well, let's get on to it. Here are some interesting highlights in One Piece chapter 939

1. Komurasaki’s secret and Otoko

One Piece chapter 939 starts in Ringo area where Komurasaki, aka Hyori, told her secret to Zorojuro.

Zorojuro is surprised to learn that Hyori who is an adult is the younger sister of Momonosuke who is still a brat.
As she is sure that Zorojuro is an ally, Hyori enthusiastically asks about Kinemon and friends who were sent to the future.

When Zorojuro says that the big secret is not something to talk casually in front of a random kid like Otoko, Hyori tells Zorojuro that the kid is one of the friends that already knew about her secret.
Otoko’s merry nature helps Hyori to keep moving forward. She loves her Kamuro so much that she would slap the Shogun just to save Otoko.

If Otoko is "one of the friends" who knows her true identity, then we can assume that there are still others who also know that Komurasaki is Hyori. Could one of them be Kyoushiro?

2. What happened to Hyori 20 years ago

Hyori then starts to tell the story of her past: about what happened 20 years ago when her brother was sent to the future. She mentions on that very day, her parents, Oden and Toki, lost their lives.

She was not sent to the future because she is needed in Wano to make sure the Kozuki clan would not be wiped out if Momonosuke fails his mission.
Hyori survived the fire that burned Oden's palace thanks to Kawamatsu the Kappa. Yes, one more Wano arc theory is answered. Here Hyori addresses Kappa as a devil or yokai. And Zoro hardly believes it.

Kawamatsu faithfully looked after little Hyori who at that time silent herself due to trauma. The yokai slowly put the smile back on the little princess’ face.
However, Hyori and Kawamtasu then were separated when she turned 13. Maybe it's because Orochi captured Kawamatsu. Even so, Hyori believes Kawamtasu is still alive as he is a strong samurai.

3. Kawamatsu the Kappa

As we discussed in chapter 936, Kawamatsu is indeed a Kappa. Well, if he is a Kappa that Hyori refers to devil or yokai, there are two possibilities about him.
Kappa Via Matthew Meyer (
First, he is a Zoan devil fruit user. However, this speculation is weak because Kawamatsu saved Hyori by swimming through the underground water channel.

Second, Kawamatsu comes from a race other than humans. It could be a Fishman because he could swim, Mink because of Mink tribe close relationship with the Kozuki clan, or he is from a new race namely the Yokai race which might be introduced in Wano arc later. But of course, this Yokai race is mere speculation.

4. Denjiro is not Kamazou

Of the three samurai that Kinemon sought, there is only one left that we do not know yet for sure. He is Denjiro. There is a theory still floating around which states that Kamazou is Denjiro because there’s a similarity in their hairstyles.

But, One Piece chapter 939 seems to decline this theory because Hyori says she doesn't know where are the three samurai right now, which explains that Kamazou who hunted her is most likely not Denjiro.

Besides that, Hyori confirmed that Kawamatsu is a very strong samurai. It means Denjiro should also be as strong as Kawamatsu and Ashura Douji. As we know it, Kamazou lost just with one slash against Zorojuo.

Only one thing that can still support "Kamazou is Denjiro" theory. Hyori did not recognize Kamazou as Denjiro because he was covered in bandages.

5. Hyori and Otama

Hyori is very happy to know that Inuarashi and Nekomamushi are also still alive. She calls the two leaders of the Mink tribe by cute names, "doggy" and "kitty." Maybe when she was a kid, Inuarashi and Nekomamushi were very close and often spoiled her.

She is very happy that she holds back her happy tears with a funny expression because she is the daughter of a samurai. Even Otoko is laughing on the floor after seeing her expression.
There is something interesting here. The reason Hyori held back her tears reminds us of Otama.

If Hyori didn't want to cry because she is a daughter of a samurai, then Otama didn't want to cry or looked weak because she is a warrior or Kunoichi.

Why do they have a similar funny personality? Do they have any relationship?

6. The Nine Scabbards

Then in One Piece chapter 939, Zorojuro helps us to know all the members of the Nine Scabbards. They are Kinemon, Kanjuro, Raizo, Okiku, Inuarashi, Nekomamushi, Ashura Douji, Kawamatsu, and Denjiro.
Of these nine people, there are only two left who have not declared they will join in the final battle, namely Ashura Douji who refused because he was disappointed and Denjiro who is still in mystery.

But the question is, are the Nine Samurai Lady Toki prophesied comprises the member of the Nine Scabbards?

In my opinion, these two groups have different members, at least some of them.

It's because previously Luffytaro insisted on borrowing Nidai Kitetsu with a reason "without a sword he is not a samurai." It could be a foreshadow that Luffytaro is one of the prophesied Nine Samurai who will defeat Orochi and open the Wano border.

Moreover, the most suited character to create history by opening the Wano border is our captain whose journey has already shocked the world.

So maybe not all of the Nine Samurai comes from the Nine Scabbard members.

7. Komurasaki’s coded paper and the alliance's problems

Then, we see that Komurasaki or Hyori still has the paper containing a coded message from the Kozuki clan. Maybe the paper Kyoushiro saw in Orochi's palace was not Komurasaki's.
Zorojuro then explains that the coded message on the paper is leaked including the meetup location. Even one by one Kozuki klan sympathizers is getting captured.

Instead of worrying about the problem, our Zorojuro chose to sleep while waiting for what will happen next and also for his wound to heal.
Zoro's trademark.

8. Komurasaki and Hyori

In One Piece chapter 939, we see the differences in personalities between Komurasaki and Hyori.
If Komurasaki is a cunning and cold-blooded woman, then Hyori is a kind woman who is very enthusiastic when talking about the people she loves. We know that she posed as an ill-rumored Oiran to survive.

9. Hyori and the final battle

Hyori says she will find her brother and friends in the final fight so that her appearance would not disturb the plan.

Is this a foreshadow that Zorojuro will only regroup with his friends in the final battle? Maybe so if he keeps Hyori company to protect her.

10. The captured rebels

One Piece chapter 939 then takes us to the capital in the Rasetsu district where the captured rebels displayed in public.
They are called traitors not only because of the rebellion but also because they are considered ungrateful to be one as they live in the prosperous Flower capital (considering that almost all areas outside the capital are wasted).

We see Fukurokuju is leading the arrest and says their plan had failed.

One of the prisoners said that the coded paper only contains a famous symbol of the past. So, it's possible that the traitor has knowledge of that old symbol.
Those captured rebels are the characters that we have seen in previous chapters. From those who voluntarily joined the cause when they meet Momonosuke and friends, to those who are carefully recruited on the streets of the capital.

And among them are Beppo, Shachi and Penguin who badly injured.
They don't want their friends suspect them as traitors like Shinobu in chapter 938. If Sangoro and friends did not calm Law at that time, I’m pretty sure that there would be more chaos in the capital.

11. The two Gifters

One Piece chapter 939 then takes us to the Udon prison. Kawamatsu whose face is still mysterious wants to join the sumo tournament, affirming his character as a fighter.

In the ring of Sumo Inferno, now Luffytaro is fighting two Gifters at the same time. They are the spitting Alpacaman and the newly introduced Madilloman. Madilloman is an Armadillo type Smile user.
These two used weapons like swords and guns with sea stone bullet. All spectators think the Gifters will win easily because of the weapons. But Queen already knew that they are just small fries to Luffytaro.

12. Luffy’s new Kenbunshoku haki

Finally, we see Luffytaro’s new Kenbunshoku haki here. He takes a peek at the future like Katakuri and instructs grandpa Hyou's to defeat Alpacaman. With Luffy’s precise prediction, Hyou easily takes Alpacaman down with a headbutt.
Hyou is surprised to see Luffytarou's ability and already guess that he can see the future.

It seems that Luffytaro has been able to use his new Kenbunshoku haki technique easily.

13. Luffytaro's reason for learning the advanced Busoshoku haki

Then we see Luffytaro is trying to hit Madilloman without touching him, but nothing happened because it was not the right advanced Busoshoku technique.
I feel sorry for Alpacaman and Madilloman for being objects of Luffytaro’s training.

Because he hasn't found the right way to perform the new technique and also his enemies are not strong enough, Luffytaro then carries granda Hyou on his back so that his training and the fight would be more interesting.
Here we know why Luffy really wants to learn about the advanced Busoshoku technique. He thinks the technique would be able to penetrate Kaido's thick defenses which like dragon scales.

14. Haki in Wano

Grandpa Hyou then explains that in Wano the concept of haki has its own terms, but we don’t get to know it yet in this chapter.

In Wano, haki is usually used by swordsmen. When haki covers the sword, the user can cut anything at will, including not cutting thin paper, as Zoro's teacher show us before.

This explanation might also be additional information for the black color on Shusui and also the fans theory about Wano’s finest sculptors who mastered haki is the one who carved poneglyph.

15. Old Hyou’s touch

Then the old grandpa Hyou surprises us all. With the help of Luffytaro's prediction, Hyou takes down Alpacaman with the exact Busoshoku advanced technique that Luffytaro wanted to learn.
Queen seems happy to see the old man still got his touch, just like the title of this chapter. And it seems Luffy has found a new teacher.

16. Haki inconsistency

As I discussed before, chapter 397 might have explained the inconsistency of haki color before and after the time skip.

But apparently, One Piece chapter 939 once again confuses me as grandpa Hyou’s hands blacken when performing the advance Busoshoku haki technique. We knew it before that even Rayleigh and Sentomaru did not blacken their hands.

So why wasn't before the time skip Busoshoku haki black?

I think we can say that Oda-Sensei deliberately did not draw the haki in black before the time skip because Luffy had not mastered haki yet.

Whereas after the time skip, Luffy has mastered and been able to see haki so Oda draws the Busoshoku visibly in black. Maybe.

So, still, the one who knows for sure is Oda-sensei.

And that all the One Piece chapter 939 discussion. If you have a theory or speculation about this chapter, please let me know in the comment below.

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