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One Piece Chapter 938 Discussion: Wano Arc Big Secret Is Revealed!

One Piece chapter 938 starts right after where the story left off. It's an interesting chapter because again Oda proves he is able to combine One Piece story with Japanese folklore or history very well to make it unpredictable. Furthermore, one of the biggest theories in Wano arc is finally answered in this chapter.

One Piece chapter 938 discussion

From the Zorojuro's victory, the alliance's plan is in danger, the mysterious Tonoyasu, and Komurasaki's secret, here's One Piece chapter 938 discussion.

1. Zorojuro's victory

One Piece chapter 938 starts with the victory of Zorojuro the Ronin from Kamazou the Manslayer. Despite his famous name, it turns out that Kamazou is defeated with just one blow.
one piece chapter 938 spoiler review
Zorojuro's victory makes the spectators amazed, including Otoko who usually laughs.

Unfortunately, the victory takes a great price because Zorojuro is injured badly enough to make him faint before he could defeat Gyukimaru.

All members of the alliance had been warned not to involved in any fights to avoid injuries before the Raid of Onigashima as the mission needs their full strength.

Zoro's victory makes Gyukimaru grins and then left with one of Kamazou's scythes. Maybe the monk begins to acknowledge Zorojuro strength to wield Shusui. The proof is, he didn't steal Zoro's remaining swords.

Here, Oda again proves that he is able to blend One Piece story with a Japanese history that inspire him. Oda doesn't straight copying the story of Benkei vs Yoshitsune to make Wano arc unpredictable. If not, maybe we have already seen Zorojuro defeats Gyukimaru on the Oihagi bridge in this chapter.


Kamazou is Denjiro (?)

There was a fan theory that mentioned Kamazou is Denjiro (one of the three samurais Kinemon looking for) because of his resemblance to one of the samurai's silhouettes.
one piece chapter 938
If it's true, then he could have defected to Orochi because he was disappointed with Momonosuke and friends who had left him for 20 years.

Ashura Douji once mentioned back in chapter 925 that not all of Kozuki clan followers are happy with Momonosuke's return. Some feel disappointed.

But if Kamazou is indeed Denjiro, why was he so weak and could be defeated with a single strike? At least, his strength should be equivalent to Ashura Douji's who is as strong as Jack. Or maybe Zoro was too strong for him?

So you could say that "Kamazou is Denjiro" theory still hasn't been answered clearly.

2. The alliance's plan is in danger

One Piece chapter 938 then takes us to the Kuri area, in one of the abandoned villages. Here, Kinemon and friends are panic and wonder how Orochi find out about the coded message to recruit sympathizers and the crescent tattoo.
one piece chapter 938 theories and discussion
It seems they still didn't know that the coded paper was seen at Orochi Palace during Komurasaki's death in Chapter 933.

Hopefully, Orochi and Kaido still don't find out that Kozuki clan will attack Onigashima at the Fire festival.

In the capital, there's a large-scale raid to find people with the crescent tattoo.

This raid makes Hawkins and Drake no longer need to raid the bathhouse which would certainly make Drake relieved because he is weak with women body.

One Piece chapter 938 then takes us to the red light district. We see there are a lot of Komurasaki's fans who are still mourning the death of their idol.
It seems that large-scale raids in the capital make Komurasaki's funeral ceremony postponed. With the raids and many people who are angry at Kyoushiro, Komurasaki's funeral could lead to even greater chaos.

Strangely, Kyoushiro doesn't look sad at the death of his number one Oiran even though he admits that he lost a lot. Is it possible for him to fake Komurasaki's death?

Until now, Kyoushiro still has not taken any side. Although he claimed to be eager to fight and slaughter the Nine Scabbard, he also seemed to dislike Orochi.

3. The Mysterious Tonoyasu

From the capital city, One Piece chapter 938 then takes us Ebisu. We see Sangoro, Onami, Orobi, and Shinobu have regrouped with their friends after escaping from Hawkins and Drake.

They start to panic and blame each other after knowing the problems they are facing and think there is a traitor who gave out their plans to Orochi.

Onami looks angry and brutally beats poor Sangoro with a red face because of the incident at the bathhouse. He calls Sangoro as the least trusted person right now because he peeked at bathing women.
In the previous chapter, Onami was just confused by the Sangoro's sudden appearance wearing a weird costume in a hot spring. And it seems that now she finally learns the truth why Sangoro's went to the bathing woman.

The severity of Sangoro's battered face makes Franosuke amazed how strong Onami's punches are.

Meanwhile, Shinobu accused Beppo and friends who are captured as traitors. This makes Law wants to help his crews to prove that they are not traitors.

As a shinobi, Shinobu considers Beppo and friends as disposable and should be left to die for the sake of the plan. This makes Law even angrier.

Actually, Shinobu just panicked because the 20 years plan is in danger.

Luckily, Kanjuro comes out as a very wise man and calm the situation. He mentions that without the Law and Luffy's alliance, the plan to defeat Orochi and Kaido will be impossible.

In the midst of this important meeting, Tonoyasu suddenly appears with his carefree and cheerful style. Onami instantly welcomes Tonoyasu, who is an outsider, to join the meeting after he praises her beauty.
Even though Tonoyasu has been introduced like an unimportant extra so far, it turns out he is a mysterious character. He knows Shinobu and Kanjuro although they don't know him. He even knows about the Final Battle in Onigashima.
Who is this man?

4. Komurasaki's secret

One Piece chapter 938 finally brings us back to the Ringo area. Komurasaki meeting Zorojuro is one of the most interesting stories right now.
The first thing Zorojuro thinks about when he wakes up is his swords. His shouting makes Otoko surprised and laughing at the same time.

Komurasaki and Otoko treated Zorojuro's wounds as a token of gratitude for saving them from Kamazou.

Confidently, Komurasaki thinks Zorojuro intentionally took the stab in order to save her and Otoko.

In fact, Zorojuro was injured because he was naive and lost his focus because of Gyukimaru's sudden attack. The Marimo realizes that he has still a lot to learn to be the strongest.

Even though he hasn't recovered yet, Zorojuro rushes to look for Gyukimaru. But silly Komurasaki stops him by pulling his injured hand.
It could be one of those funny One Piece character's traits from Komurasaki.

Zorojuro calls Komurasaki idiot for pulling his injured arm. As usual, a woman's beauty is not tempting for him.

Otoko said that Zorojuro would be healthy immediately if he was treated with frog oil which he stole. Maybe it's a frog oil that Usohachi sells.

When Zorojuro calms, Komurasaki told him about Gyukimaru and as we discussed in the previous chapters, Gyukimaru character is indeed inspired by Benkei.

Zorojuro becomes calmer knowing that he would be able to meet Gyukimaru if he goes to the Oihagi bridge.

Then Komurasaki explains why Kamazou hunted them. Here, we see Otoko's joke fails to make Zorojuro laughs. This joke once had made Sangoro, Usohachi, and Franosuke laugh their ass off. Maybe it is true that Zoro has become denser after time-skip as some fans mentioned.

Komurasaki then tells us her biggest secret after believing in Zorojuro. She is Kozuki Hyori, Momonosuke's sister.
Finally, one of the biggest theories in Wano arc is answered. If you have read Yamata no Orochi theory in Wano arc, there are hints that lead to this revelation.

Yamata no Orochi (Orochi) wants Kushinada-Hime (Komurasaki) for himself.  Kushinada-Hime happens to be the daughter of an elderly couple (Oden and Toki). And "Hime" means a princess, just like Kozuki Hyori of Kozuki clan.

There's more from this folklore. After Susanoo (possibly Zoro) killed Yamata no Orochi with his sword, he made Kushinada-Hime his wife. So there's a potential romantic relationship between Komurasaki and Zoro in the future.

With this big reveal, One Piece chapter 938 implicates that the second act of Wano arc will end soon, perhaps after Luffy managed to escape Udon prison.


Ability to heal wounds

Until now, how Komurasaki survived Kyoushiro's attack is still a mystery. But when Otoko said that the toad oil she stole could heal any wound in an instant -even sharp sword wounds- sparks speculation that she may have the devil fruit ability to heal wounds.

It could be that Otoko was the one who healed Komurasaki. We know that Orobi dropped Otoko in the pleasure district after escaping from the palace. And maybe the dying Komurasaki was also there.

Because Otoko is Komurasaki's Kamuro and she felt responsible, she tried to heal Komurasaki's wound with toad oil and unintentionally heals her with her power. But of course, this is just mere speculation.

That's all the One Piece chapter 938 discussion. If you have speculations or theories about this chapter, please let me know in the comments below.

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