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One Piece Chapter 937 Discussion - Advance Haki Technique

As hinted in the previous chapter, One Piece chapter 937 raises the Wano arc second act pace a little bit by giving us brief fights of Luffy and Zoro against their respective opponents.

This chapter is very interesting because it implicates that the Wano arc will be Luffy's training ground to be as strong as a Yonko and also gives more attention to Zoro, our beloved swordsman in the samurai country.

One Piece Chapter 937 discussion

From Olin's obsession with food, Luffytarou's training, Zorojuro's adventure in the land of samurai part 2, and the appearance of an unexpected character, here's One Piece chapter 937 discussion.

1. Olin's culinary mission

One Piece chapter 937 starts with Chopperemon and friends in the wasteland of Kuri where they are still on their way to bring Olin aka Big Mom to Udon where Luffy is being imprisoned.

Olin seems to be getting along with Otama because both of them love Oshiruko.
Okiku was amazed by Olin's obsession with food. Even though being amnesia, Big Mom's obsession with food appears is still there.

It seems that Momonosuke is still busy with his sword training, but without chanting "snatch" which O-Kiku prohibited.

Whereas Choperemon is worried if there is no Oshiruko in Udon as he promised Olin. If so, it may make Olin goes berserk and make Luffytaro's rescue mission becomes chaotic.

2. Luffytaro's training

One Piece chapter 937 then takes us to the Udon prison. Luffytaro and Hyou still don't find any trouble in the Sumo Inferno tournament.

In Chapter 936 we knew that Luffytaro's first opposing team was called Waiters, and in this chapter, we see that Luffytaro has managed to defeat the Pleasures team.

Maybe in this tournament, Luffytarou's first opponents are Kaido's weakest men called Waiters. If he manages to win continuously, then he will face stronger teams like Pleasures, then Gifters who ate Smile and then Headliners like Daifugo and Old Maid to finally fight an All-Star like Queen as the Final Boss.

Luffytaro still relaxes and makes the Sumo tournament as his haki training ground. He tries to recall one of the haki lessons from Rayleigh.
Rayleigh was able to repel a giant elephant's attack without touching it, with smooth movements, and without blackening his hands. It seems Oda wants to tell us that this is an advance Busoshoku haki technique.

Hearing Rayleigh's name from Luffytaro, Hyou was shocked and become more curious about him. He might have met Rayleigh when Oden was still alive.

If Luffytaro is busy with training, Queen is busy with eating. There is something interesting about the food. Apparently, he is eating Oshiruko, the same food Big Mom is craving.
This possibly will lead to a funny coincidence that will help Luffy escapes. Big Mom is heading to Udon and can't wait to eat Oshiruko while Queen says the food is only for him. In other words, both of them will fight over Oshiruko later.

Even though we can't wait to see who is stronger, Luffytaro or Queen, it seems we have to wait until the Raid of Onigashima because Big Mom will likely disturb their fight in the tournament.

3. The adventure of Zorojuro the Ronin in samurai country part 2

From the Udon area, One Piece chapter 937 takes us back to Ringo to see Zorojuro's adventure in retaking Shusui.

Finally, One Piece chapter 937 confirms the speculation in the previous chapter. The Shusui thief is introduced as Gyukimaru and the name of the bridge as Oihagi.
Despite the name differences, it's clear that the story of Benkei inspired Gyukimaru and the Oihagi bridge. Like Benkei, Gyukimaru is a monk warrior and considers Zoro unfit for Shusui.

While the Oihagi bridge is called the "robbery bridge" similar to Gojo bridge where Benkei robbed his opponents.

But there is something more interesting than this, particularly the information about Ryuma.

Gyukimaru doesn't believe Zorojuro had met Ryuma. The Monk says that Ryuma had died centuries ago (can it be he lived in the void century?). And he was called an unparalleled samurai.

He continues that in the past, Wano was called a gold country. It may be a metaphor for a country full of gold like Jaya island or maybe not.

Because of this "gold", many wanted to conquer Wano, from pirates to world nobles.

Furthermore, Wano used to have many enemies from outside and Ryuma was the one who made the enemy witness the power of Wano's strongest samurai who was even able to slay dragons.

Probably Wano Samurai's great name which even Akainu himself acknowledged was started from the fame of samurai Ryuma in the past.

Gyukimaru continued that there are still many legends about Ryuma. After he died, he was given the title of "Sword God" and his body was buried with Shusui (which was later stolen by Moria).

Interestingly, as a Sword God's, Shusui classified into the second-grade sword. Why wouldn't Ryuma use the first-grade sword like Mihawk?
However, Zorojurou seems not interested in Gyukimaru's long history lectures and ignores him instead. All of those legends and stories are none of his business and all he wants right now is to retake Shusui as a three swords style user.

It makes Gyukimaru angry. It seems that the monk started to take a liking to Zorojuro as the successor to Ryuma. But because Zorojurou's words disrespect Ryuma's legacy, Gyukimaru becomes disappointed.
Then the monk gives us information about Shusui as a black sword. He mentions that Shusui became a black sword because it was "forged" after Ryuma used it in so many battles.


Shusui and Ryuma

It's possible that Shusui turned black because Ryuma's haki had forged and remained in the sword after so many battles. If this is true, then the only swordsman who can do the same is Mihawk, that we know of so far.

This could explain why Shusui is considered a national treasure and targeted by many people. It's not only because it was Ryuma's or because it is classified into the second-grade sword, but also because it possesses haki of the sword God.

Also, it means that One Piece chapter 937 tries to tell us that Luffy and Zoro will both learn advanced Haki technique in Wano arc.

4. The appearance of an unexpected character

While we and also Zorojuro are so curious about the black swords, an unexpected character appears. She is a helpless woman who is trying to save Otoko from a murderer.
Before helping them, Zorojuro is confused whether these two women are serious or not because Otoko asked for help while laughing.

This woman is chased by Kamazou the Manslayer who had been mentioned in chapter 926. He uses two sickles as his weapons like a grim reaper.
Through the mysterious woman, One Piece chapter 937 explains that Kamazou is a Manslayer works for Shogunate and now he is hired to kill Otoko for causing chaos in Orochi's palace.

How Kamazou gets angry when hearing the woman speaks harshly about the Shogun proves that he is loyal to Orochi.

The design of his character (using bandages, called as a Manslayer, and doing dirty work for the government) reminds us of Shishio in the Samurai X series.
Does Shishio really inspire Oda?

Zoro-Juro hesitates to kill Kamazou because it could create new trouble for the alliance. It appears that Zoro doesn't know what his friends have done in the capital.

The Marimo is also in a very complicated situation. He must protect two women while fighting two troublesome enemies.
The first is Gyukimaru who likes to attack when he is distracted and the second one is Kamazou who is dangerous and strong.

Zorojuro realizes that he has to fight more seriously. Panel after panel in One Piece chapter 937 depicts a dead or alive battle under the pouring snow.

But when the fight becomes more intense, Gyukimaru again attacks Zorojuro when he is distracted. Thanks to that Kamazou is able to land severe damage to Zorojuro.

However, one stab is not enough to defeat the Ronin. He tightened his muscles to take Kamazou's sickle and use his three swords style to deliver the final blow.
With Rengoku Onigiri's move, Zorojuro the Ronin slays Kamazou the Manslayer. This scene is very satisfying.


Komurasaki is still alive

Yes, even though it's not confirmed yet, I'm pretty sure the mysterious woman is Komurasaki. Maybe Kamazou didn't recognize the top Oiran because of her different appearance.

We can see that she is Komurasaki from her distinct eyelashes.
We can also know she is an Oiran when she promised Zoro "anything" in return for helping her.
But Zoro was more interested in sake and food than a woman in which made Komurasaki surprised and relieved.

In addition, if the woman is just an ordinary Oiran, why did she go that far to save Otoko?

We know that Komurasaki loves her Kamuro very much. She was the only Oiran who had enough courage to slap Orochi only to protect Otoko. This clearly explains that the mysterious woman is Komurasaki.

But the question is, how can she survive Kyoushiro's slash? Did she really conspire with Kyoushiro to fake her death?

Gyukimaru and Zoro-Juro

In One Piece chapter 937, we saw that Gyukimaru as a monk still continuously attacked Zoro despite knowing he was protecting women. This might be annoying, but it could also be a kind of test from Gyukimaru to prove whether Zoro is worthy of being Ryuma's successor or not.

Maybe the monk is started to like the ronin after hearing his story of meeting Ryuma's spirit and also because of his skill as a swordsman.

But once again those all just mere speculations and we might find out the answer in the next chapter.

That's all for One Piece chapter 937 discussion. If you have any speculations or theories about this chapter, please let me know in the comments below.

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