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One Piece Chapter 936 Discussion - The Battle on a Bridge

One Piece chapter 936 raises the Wano arc pace a little bit after the previous chapters were pretty slow. The chapter hints battles between Luffy and Zoro against their respective opponents in the next chapter. This chapter also gives us a fans service that is no less hot than the previous chapters.

One Piece Chapter 936 Discussion

From Raizo's meeting with his old friend, Sumo Inferno tournament in Udon, Onami's secret weapon, to Zorojuro the Ronin's adventure in the land of Samurai, here's One Piece chapter 936 discussion.

1. Raizo and Kawamatsu

One piece chapter 936 takes us to the current situation in the Udon prison where Raizo accidentally met his fellow Kozuki Clan follower, Kawamatsu.

Kawamatsu says he managed to survive after eating poisonous rotten fish for 13 years. That means, he had become a fugitive for 7 years before being caught and locked up in Udon.
one piece chapter discussion
Unfortunately, we cannot see Kawamatsu's face because he is chained in a dark cell. The way he is locked up suggests that he dealt a lot of trouble to Orochi's army.

Caged for 13 years and fed rotten fish does not make his spirit broken. He is ready to help Momonosuke to overthrow Orochi any time.

Once Raizo's hideout is discovered he once again proves that he is a great ninja even with his funny and doubtful appearance.
With a smoke bomb, he managed to escape and stunned all the guards.

2. Sumo inferno in Udon prison

Queen knows that there is a key thief in his prison but still relaxes and focuses on his deadly sumo tournament. This might suggest that Queen is quite confident that Raizo will not easily helping the prisoners escape from the prison.
It turns out that the "interesting plan" Queen mentioned in chapter 935 is a deadly sumo inferno tournament and all of his men couldn't wait for it. This tournament serves as entertainment as well as execution for Luffy and grandpa Hyou.
This sumo tournament has rules like regular sumo, but with some adjustments. The detainees participating in the tournament must wear, forcefully, a collar that will automatically cut off their heads if they are out of the ring.
Just like Tenryubito's, this collar is also difficult to remove. Maybe there is a key to it.

There is something interesting with this deadly collar. It seems that its design is used as a symbol on belts used by Luffytaro's opponents. Even in Chapter 935, Old Maid was also seen using this belt, but bigger.
It could be that it is the sumo inferno participants or champions' belt. So, maybe there is a chance that Luffytaro will face Old Maid in this tournament and avenge his defeat in the previous chapter.

Aside from forbidden to be thrown out of the ring, the prisoners participating in the tournament will also face many opponents. This rule obviously to make sure Luffytaro loses or surrenders so he will follow Queen's request, which is joining the Beast pirate.

But, fortunately, Luffy is allowed to compete without sea stone handcuffs. Funny thing is, Luffy immediately thinks Queen is a good person for that.

Meanwhile, Raizo is angry because of his attempt stealing the key for Luffytaro to be in vain.

Then, what kind of key is that? It could be key for Kid's handcuffs or Kawamatsu's, considering it was kept in a highly guarded place.

Hyou feels he is being a burden while Luffytaro is sure to win if he fights without sea stone handcuff on. He even believes that he would make Queen fly like how he did to Urashima.

Maybe Luffytaro doesn't realize that Queen is one of the All-Star in Beast pirate or maybe he is confident with his training while in prison.

Luffytaro's words make Queen's men angry and become more excited to execute Luffytaro and Hyou. The audiences make thumbs down sign symbolized "execution" like a gladiator fight in the Colosseum.

But these small fries do not know who they are facing. With his conqueror haki, Luffy defeats all of his opponents in a glance.
Queen again looked relaxes with the situation he is facing. He is not too surprised by Luffy's strength.

It could be that he has faced many opponents or prisoners with conqueror haki before. It seems that Queen is pretty sure of his strength. Badass!


Kawamatsu the Kappa

In his cell, Kawamatsu mentions that he believes Luffytaro would look after Hyou. He knows that Hyou is essential for the alliance's plan. Maybe he had talked to Luffytaro before.
But there is something interesting from Kawamatsu. He said "Kapapapa" at the end of his sentence. Maybe this is one of One Piece characters strange and funny accents. But it can be also a hint about his identity.

Judging from his silhouette and how he speaks, he could be a Kappa, a yokai in Japanese culture.

Kappa lives in water. This explains why he was able to turn fish bones into a deadly weapon.

If this is true, maybe he is a Fishman or a Kappa-type devil fruit user.

3. Onami's secret weapon

From Udon prison, One Piece chapter 936 takes us to a bathhouse in the capital. Hawkins and Drake raid the house to find Kozuki clan sympathizers with crescent moon tattoo on their feet.

Maybe they discover the secret after the coded paper had seen in Orochi's palace.

It appears that Drake doesn't want to enter the bathhouse with a reason he is only looking for Osoba Mask, which is his main mission in the capital.

Onami fears that Hawkins will recognize her. She then hid behind Shinobu's, ahem, wide body (not intending to body shaming).

But Hawkins notices it and orders Nami to come out. As soon as he realized who Nami is, Nami's towel drops.
one piece chapter 936 spoiler review
Not inferior to Hancock nor Komurasaki, Onami's sexiness makes men and even women stunned and having nosebleed until they fainted.

If Luffy conquers with his haki, then Onami conquers with her sexiness. Even Shinobu is very impressed with its "destructive power."

Aware of everyone sees her naked body, Onami is shocked and tries to cover her body. It seems she unleashed her "secret weapon" unintentionally.

And finally, our question from the previous chapter is answered. It turns out that Sangoro had infiltrated the bathhouse with his Raid Suit power to peek at bathing women. Maybe he didn't know that he could have taken a peek without hiding because it's a mixed bathhouse.

Sangoro became visible because of the powerful effect of Onami's "power." And his blood poured like a fountain from his nose.
Drake hears the disturbance and enters looking for Osoba Mask. One Piece chapter 936 then shows us the shocking nature of Drake, one of Kaido's strongest Headliners.

It turns out that he is weak against a woman's body, even though he denies it. Onami certainly will be fit to tame the Allosaurus in the final fight.
Funnily, of all the uproar, Hawkins and Drake's attention is more focused on one figure, namely the Germa 66 Stealth Black aka Sangoro.
wano arc theories
Not because they realize that it was Osoba Mask, but because they are astonished to see the famous comic character in North Blue in real life. Maybe they also read of Stealth Black comics just like Law.

Without telling us what happened to Hawkins and Drake after that, One Piece chapter 936 immediately shows Orobi, Onami, and Shinobu flying away with Sangoro.

Sangoro is still able to fly despite losing a lot of blood after seeing Onami's body and he doesn't regret any of it, obviously.
With his face blushed because Orobi and Onami hug him, Sangoro told them that the alliance's plan is facing a dire obstacle.

Orochi knows about the crescent tattoo. And worse, Beppo and friends were captured and can be used to lure Law.

It seems, they will regroup to Ebisu to warn Law.

Even though it was ridiculous and silly, Sanji's pervert mission to the bathhouse led him to meet Orobi team and also to know about Beppo.

4. Zorojuro the Ronin vs. A Sword Thief

From the capital, One Piece chapter 936 takes us to the Ringo. The funny thing is, Zorojuro who often lost took a lot of time to chase the sword thief.
He even had to chase him from Kibi to Ringo. It seems that the Marimo had to do a "cross-country" because he got lost a lot on the way.

The thief deliberately waits for Zoro on a bridge and claims he stole Shusui to return it to where it belongs. He also warns Zorojuro to steal his two remaining swords.

Meanwhile, our Zorojuro sees the thief merely as a source of weapons for the alliance who happened to need weapons for the Raid of Onigashima.

On a bridge showered with snow, the battle of Zorojuro the ronin against a sword thief monk begins like samurai films.


The tale of the battle on the Gojo Bridge

The sword thief has not been introduced yet. But, it seems that the character is inspired by Benkei, a legendary figure in Japanese history. And his fight with Zoro might be inspired by the story of Benkei vs Yoshitsune on the Gojo bridge.

Benkei was a strong fighter and was known for stealing his opponents' swords who he considered not worthy of having them (also reminds us of Tashigi).

Benkei had seven weapons, ranging from swords, axes, to naginata. He made the Gojo bridge as the spot to defeat and rob his target.

Similar to One Piece chapter 936, we see that the thief considers Zoro unfit for Shusui. He also appears to have many weapons on his back and deliberately waits for Zoro on the bridge to steal Zoro's remaining swords.

When going to steal his 1,000th sword, Benkei faced Yoshitsune on the Gojo bridge. He lost and failed to steal Yoshitsune's sword. After losing, Benkei became Yoshitsune's loyal follower.

If Oda is indeed inspired by the tale to depict the Zoro's battle against the thief, then we can guess the result of this battle.
The thief will lose to Zoro on the bridge and then give up robbing samurai's weapon. Perhaps, he will also be a loyal follower of Zorojuro the Ronin and help him to win the war.

In addition, we can also assume that this thief will take Zoro to where Shusui is, which is on Ryuma's grave. Hopefully, when Zoro arrived at the grave, fans' theories about Zoro connection to Ryuma will be answered.

That's the One Piece chapter 936 discussion. If you have a theory or speculation about this latest One Piece chapter, please let me know on the comments below.

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