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One Piece chapter 935 Discussion - Queen Takes the Stage

One Piece chapter 935 gives us the latest update from Udon prison, new Headliners, Queen takes the stage, and Japan's most famous fan service; tentacles and women.

One Piece chapter 935 discussion

1. Raizo's mission and new Headliner

This chapter takes us to Udon prison executive tower where our ninja, Raizo, successfully steals Luffytaro's sea stone handcuff key by exploiting the guard’s silly weakness.

Then we are introduced to a new Headliner and also a vice warden; Solitaire who ate monkey type Smile. She has a monkey tail but strangely has six arms. She is a four swords style user.
Raizo again proves that he is a reliable ninja despite his questionable appearance. He is able to steal the key and still uncaught.

This event raises a question on how Kid escaped the prison. Did Raizo help him? But, one thing for sure, Raizo didn't get Kid's key since the captain escaped with his handcuff on.

2. Luffytaro's training

Then, One Piece chapter 935 brings us to where chapter 934 left us. The guard that Luffytaro attacked appears to be a Headliner and also the vice-warden like Solitaire. His name is Daifugo and he is a scorpion type Smile user (maybe this will make fans theory about Queen as a scorpion devil fruit user answered).
When Luffytaro takes Daifugo down, we are introduced to the rules in Udon prison. One of the rules underlies Luffytaro will face the death penalty as he lays his hand on a guard.

In chapter 926, we saw Luffytaro defeated Dobon, a guard, but he didn't get the punishment because the prison has no proof.

One Piece chapter 935 again introduces a new Headliner, but now he is the warden of Udon prison named Old Maid. He ate an elephant type Smile which makes his weird appearance reminds us of Holdem. But, instead of on his belly, the animal head, an elephant head, appears on his chest.

Old Maid says that Luffytarou was able to move freely while having seas stone handcuff on his hand is because his "will" or maybe we could say Haki. But still, the sea stone handcuff took an effect on Luffytaro stamina as he is breathing heavily after striking Daifugo.
On the other hand, Luffytaro uses the handcuff as part of his training to become stronger.

It might explain that a devil fruit user with Haoshoku Haki can suppress the sea stone's effect stronger than people who don't have one.
Old Maid then attacks Luffy with his Smile ability. If Holdem's lion head serve a purpose to bite his opponent, Old Maid's elephant head can shoot an explosive projectile that immediately hits Luffytarou.

Here, we know from Luffytaro that he can't use Haki so that he couldn't dodge the attack or cover his body with Haki.
So, how can sea stones affect Haki? I think it does not affect Luffytarou's Haki directly. The handcuff makes Luffytaro weaker and he can't use Haki because of that.

3. Queen takes the stage

The fight is stopped because of the Queen's arrival. Here we got to know more about Queen. He is a die-hard Komurasaki fan and has a circus-like tent. Even though he is now aware of Komurasaki's death.

His has a round-huge build and all of that made of muscle as he claims. His character design reminds us of Obelix.
If Oda really took inspiration from Asterix & Obelix, then we can assume that Queen has monstrous strength.

He has a mechanical arm just like Kid and his bounty reward is 1.32 billion Berry.
Despite having an intimidating image on chapter 925, Queen is surprisingly goofy and funny. He loves dancing and attention just like he is a performer. He also makes the funny One Piece surprise-face when hearing Old Maid reports.

4. Where is Zorojuro?

From Udon prison, One Piece chapter 935 takes us back to Ebisu town. Tonoyasu lets Franosuke, Ussohachi, and Law using one of the houses because the house eventually will be empty if the owner dies by hunger. And Tonoyasu said that with a laugh just like the way he is.
Tonoyasu said that Zorojuro left Ebisu town early because his sword was stolen. Possibly it was Shusui since Zorojuro had trouble once in chapter 909 because some officer wants to take the national treasure from Zoro.

Meanwhile, Sangoro also disappears. Nad we may already know where he is headed; to the woman bathhouse.

5. Wano and Tentacle

One Piece 935 immediately takes us to a bathhouse in Flower capital. Onami, Orobi, and Shinobu look like enjoying their refreshing bath after the chaos in Orochi's palace. Their beauty makes them the celebrity in the bathhouse.
Men are gathered from a suspicious shinobi (maybe he is Hanzo of Oniwabanshu) to some pervert who submerges to take a peak. Luckily, Shinobu uses her "men destroyer" jutsu to scatter them.

Shinobu address devil fruit user like her and Orobi as a demonic art user. This finally confirms that devil fruit concept in Wano is different from the outside.

When they move to another room, we get some new information about Kyoushiro and Hyougoro.

In the past, when Hyougoro led the yakuza, people felt protected by them. In contrast, when Kyoushiro became the boss, people felt threathened. He even slew one of his Oiran.

Shinobu then said that Luffytaro and allies would easily gather people if Hyougoro is still around. Clearly, Shinobu has no idea that Hyougoro is still alive.

It seems that Luffytaro's encounter with grandpa Hyou led by fate so that when they escape the prison, the alliance can convince people of Wano to fight against Orochi and Kaido to end the tyranny.

Hyougoro's appearance 20 years ago is very different from now. He as a strong build and looks fierce, while now, he looks small and incredibly weak.
However, it seems his nature remains the same. He was known for his gentle manner. No wonder grandpa Hyou was very grateful when Luffytaro gave him his Kibidango ticket.

One Piece chapter 935 sparks discussion because it shows fan service of tentacles and woman. It turns out that the bathhouse employ octopuses to help helps their customer to scrub their back.
Before, we have already seen an octopus guided Luffytaro and Big Mom to enter Wano. Maybe Wano people employ octopuses for several jobs.

Shinobu then continue her story. Hyougoro refused to join Orochi and then executed. Clearly taht Shinobu doesn’t know that Hyougoro is still alive.

Shinobu also says that she was a member of Onibawanshu and refuses Orochi that make her a fugitive after that. Meanwhile, Fukurokuju chose to betray Kozuki clan.

6. Hyougoro the Flower

One Piece chapter 935 then takes us back to Udon prison. Queen’s body look so much bigger comparing to Luffytaro and Hyou.
Here finally we see that Udon prison serves a purpose to break its particular prisoner’s spirit, like Luffytaro, so he will surrender and join Beast Pirate. It appears that Queen and Luffytaro has met before this chapter.

Again, Hyougoro is praised. Queen says that Kaido and Orochi once wanted Hyou to join them. It shows that for 20 years, Hyougoro’s spirit has never broken by the prison as he is still loyal to Kozuki clan.

His gentleman manner is also the same. He offers Queen to have a mercy for Luffytarou. It makes our captain surprised.

Queen then announce that he has something interesting for Luffytaro and Hyou’s death penalty.

I think this interesting idea is a deadly games because Queen is a performer who has a circus tent. The game will be his entertainment and also to break Luffytaro's spirit.

7. Old friend

Just like as always, the last panel of One Piece chapter 935 makes us more curious. We see the mysterious prisoners turns out to be one of the three samurais that Kinemon wants to find.
He is Kawamatsu and how he asked Raizo about Momonosuke explains that he is still loyal to Kozuki clan.

That's One Piece chapter 935 discussion. If you have any speculation and theory about the chapter, let me know on the comment.

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