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One Piece Chapter 934 Discussion - Flower Capital Aftermath

One Piece chapter 934 serves as a little break from the chaos that happened in the previous chapter. Yet, this chapter is still interesting because we got plenty of new information.

One Piece chapter 934 discussion

Also, finally we can see Luffy and Queen who has been absent for a few chapters. Without further ado, here's the One Piece chapter 934 discussion, “Hyougoro the Flower.”

1. Big Mom pirates survive!

Whether it will be bad or good news for Luffy and friends, it turns out Big Mom’s children and her ship survive the fall. However, they are still not able to enter Wano, in contrast with Big Mom who was drowned and cast ashore but able to enter the Samurai country.
Perospero and the gang start to question Big Mom’s safety. Is she’s really alive or not, even though her Vivre card still looks good.
Then we see that even Smoothie is afraid to confront King who kicked them out. It means that Kaido’s number one commander is stronger than the rest of them. At least he should be on par with Katakuri.
Another interesting information, Mont-d’Or said that Big Mom and Kaido once were a crew on the same ship. However, in another translation, he only said the Yonkos were allies in the past. So, this information may or may not be related to Rocks pirate that was mentioned in chapter 927.

2. O-Tama’s mission to Udon

In Amigasa village, Hitetsu looks worried about O-Tama who is going to Udon prison with Big Mom, a stranger.
Yet the strong-willed girl insists to rescue Luffy-aniki with the help of an amnesia Yonko. And also they have already arrived at Wano Wasteland.
one piece 934 theories discussion
Big Mom, or we can say O-Lin for now, looks different from her Wano hairstyle. She is also kinder but her "always hungry" nature is still there.
We see that slowly she is started to regain her memories as she said she thinks she knows a woman named Big Mom.
And in One Piece chapter 934, we finally get to see Wano Country Map. The Samurai country resembles Japan as an archipelago nation as it is divided into six islands. And of course, there is also Mt. Fuji.
op 934 theories
We can assume that the Whole Cake Island is on the western side of Wano as Luffy and Big Mom entered Wano from Kuri region.


Big Mom’s weapons also lost their memories

Chopperemon is confused why Napoleon, Big Mom’s talking hat, keep silence as if it also lost its memories.
one piece 934 review
However, we saw that Zeus was fine with O-Nami. Is there any difference sources of life between each Big Mom’s special homies?

Zoro's connection to Wano country

One Piece chapter 934 also gives us a piece of very interesting information about Zoro and Wano. When Momonosuke is sword training, he yells a particular word “snatch!” that makes O-Kiku surprised and not happy.
one piece chapter 934 spoiler review
Momo said that he learned it from Zoro. O-Kiku tells us the yell once existed in Kuri old dialect and a nobleman or maybe a kid like Momonosuke shouldn’t speak such word.
So, how come Zoro knows an old word from Kuri since we know that he is from East Blue. Fans already created so many speculation and theories about Zoro and Wano. Unfortunately, O-Kiku doesn't give us more information regarding the word so we can't connect it with the fans theories.

3. Flower Capital Chaos Aftermath

From the Wasteland, One Piece chapter 934 takes us to snowy Northern Cemetery in Ringo region. Dropped O-Toko in pleasure district, O-Robi and friends and also Kanjuro then hide and take some rest after the chaos at Orochi’s palace.
It seems that the ghost mentioned in chapter 926 was Bonekichi himself as we know now that the cemetery is their hideout.
O-Nami looks still shocked by Kyoshiro killing the most beautiful woman in the country. She doesn’t expect a samurai can be that cruel.
Kanjuro said that he and the others who were sent to the future know nothing about Kyoshiro because the Yakuza boss 20 years ago was a man called Hyougoro the Flower.
Then, we see the result of their mission in Flower Capital. Despite O-Robi says she doesn’t gather enough information, she has already gathered plenty detailed information that shocks Kanjuro.
Meanwhile, Bonekichi was able to locate a Poneglyph in Orochi’s palace basement. The mysterious stone cube is well kept in a room full of wooden dolls called Kokeshi.
one piece chapter 934
Kokeshi doll was a famous doll used as a charm to keep a house safe. Maybe Orochi uses the dolls as a charm as well, but we don’t know whether the doll has a certain power or not in One Piece.
However, Bonekichi didn’t see Road Poneglyph which means the red cube stone is kept in Onigashima.
It looks like besides will be going to Onigashima for the raid, they also need to go back to the palace to copy the Poneglyph.
From Ringo region, One Piece chapter 934 takes us to Flower Capital where all of the people in deep grief as the news of Komurasaki’s death spreads. And as we expected, the same goes to Sanggoro in Ebisu town.
Here we see that Sanggoro, Franosuke, Usohachi dan Law don’t meet Zoro-Juro. Possibly, Zoro has already left the town.
It can be explained from the different setting we saw in chapter 930. Zoro’s arrival in Ebisu had happened before Sanggoro’s fight.
Talking about that fight, sadly this chapter doesn’t conclude it. We don’t know whether Sanji won or not.
Then there is some useful information discussed here, especially from Usohaci and Law.
Usohachi explains the small den-den mushi we saw earlier. Turns out that it is the “mobile phone” version of traditional den-den mushi which is looked like a telephone.
In other words, Oda-sensei wants to show us that Wano is also like Japan that invents the sophisticated version of everything.
Then, Law tells us from the newspaper that Kid was able to escape the Udon prison while how he did it is still unknown.
Meanwhile, Sanggoro seems to can't concentrate. He keeps mumbling about woman bathhouse. Will Sanji put aside his pride and accept the Raid Suit given by his damned family only to use it for a pervert purpose?
But, there’s a chance that Sanji’s quest of perversion to woman bathhouse will help them meet O-Nami and the gang who is also looking for a bathhouse.

4. Hyougoro the Flower

Finally, after chapters we don’t get to see Luffy, One Piece chapter 934 takes us to Udon prison. There, a Gifters with Alpaca ability keep spitting to Luffy like an actual Alpaca. He is investigating Kid’s escape.
Meanwhile, old man Hyou is in trouble. He is accused of cheating the Kibi-Dango tickets by scorpion like Gifters.
However, Hyou is still trying to eat all of the Kibi-Dango he got because it’s a gift from Luffy who he sees as an honorable man.
Hyou doesn’t adore Luffy because of the tickets but because Luffy reminds him of old Wano where the country full of a kind, cool and real man. Not like Kaido’s gang.
It seems we can already conclude that grandpa Hyou is the former Yakuza Boss, Hyougoro the Flower. No wonder all of the prisoners know him.
It would be interesting to know how Kyoshiro has overthrown Hyougoro. Did Queen help him as Kaido did for Orochi to overthrow Oden?
Luffy comes for the rescue and without thinking twice about the prison rules. He charges the Gifter with a determined face. 
Meanwhile, outside of Udon prison, Queen finally takes the stage like Immortan Joe’s convoy in Mad Max: Fury Road.
Will Queen break Luffy’s spirit? Or maybe Luffy will make Queen as his subject of training to defeat Kaido.
Well, that’s all, If you have any thoughts, speculation or maybe a theory about One Piece chapter 934 let me know in the comment below.
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