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One Piece Might Have Just Explained Its Inconsistency

Have you read One Piece chapter 937? Surely you also read that there is a new Busoshoku Haki technique that Luffy called advanced. As interesting as it is, this advance haki technique might have just answered One Piece's inconsitency.
Writer's note: there's an update about haki inconsistency at the end of this article.

Haki inconsistency pre and post the time skip

After the time skip, One Piece introduced new Busoshoku haki technique where the user can harden and blacken their body. Yet, we never saw this before even in the biggest battle in the pre-time skip, the Marineford War.

In fact, in the Marineford war, we got to see the strongest fighters in the One Piece world fighting, namely the Whitebeard pirates and the strongest Navy forces. But strangely, we didn't see any of their bodies or weapons blacken when using Haki to fight devil fruit users.
one piece inconsistency
It also happened when Rayleigh fought Kizaru or when he was explaining the three types of Haki. His legs and hands did not blacken when fending off Kizaru's kick or repelling the giant elephant's attack. Moreover, it also goes the same when Sentomaru repelled any attacks from Luffy.

This inconsistency increasingly becomes more apparent when we saw Garp's black fist dented Don Chinjao's head drill.
one piece haki explained
We know that he never did that pre-time skip. His fist didn't blacken when hitting Luffy or Marco.

Many fans think that this is just a kind of sign that we have entered One Piece new act, the New World.

But still, this inconsistency is hard to ignore and somehow quite disappointing from Oda.

Fortunately, One Piece chapter 937 might have just explained it.

A new type of Busoshoku haki technique

In chapter 937, Luffy mentioned that Rayleigh used an advanced Busoshoku haki to create "invisible armor." Maybe this is a Busoshoku technique that can make the haki invisible.

We have already seen Rayleigh and Sentomaru used this invisible armor technique before.
haki level of mastery in one piece
In the Marineford war, we also witnessed the old Admirals, Aokiji, Kizaru, and Akainu, blocked the destructive power of Gura Gura no Mi with their palms like creating invisible armor.

Explaining One Piece's Inconsistency

If Busoshoku haki can be invisible, it is possible that the users can combine this technique with their attacks such as punches, kicks or weapons as Rayleigh did to fend Kizaru's kick, Garp's fist to Luffy, Whitebeard's naginata to Aokiji, and also Vista and Marco's strikes against Akainu.

Maybe we can conclude that the use of the invisible armor from Busoshoku haki can be done through the user's palms without touching the opponent and through punches or blows that touch the opponent directly.

Although this is still debatable, the contradiction of Busoshoku haki in pre and post time skip might not be an inconsistency, more like a different Busoshoku technique.
katakuri haki master
If this is true, then characters who still blacken their bodies with Busoshoku Haki like Doflamingo or Katakuri haven't mastered the invisible armor technique. If they had, they would use it when fighting all out against Luffy.

Presumably, this new technique might also explain the level of mastery of the three types of Haki.

For example, advanced Kenbunshoku haki can see the future like Katakuri's, or (maybe) advanced Haoshoku haki can crack a ship without even touching it like Shanks when arrived on Whitebeard's ship. As for advanced Busoshoku haki, the user can create invisible armor.

Even though Oda has not (or maybe never will) confirmed it, at least One Piece chapter 937 might have explained this inconsistency.

I thought that chapter 937 might have already explained about the haki inconsistency, but it turns out in chapter 939, we saw grandpa Hyou still blacken his hand when performing the advanced Busoshoku technique.

So why wasn't the Busoshoku haki before time skip black?

In my opinion, we can say that Oda-Sensei deliberately did not draw the haki in black before the time skip because Luffy had not mastered haki yet.

Whereas after the time skip, Luffy has mastered and been able to see haki so Oda draws the Busoshoku visibly in black. Maybe.

So, still, the one who knows for sure is Oda-sensei.

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