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One Piece Chapter 940 Discussion: At Last Hyou Knows

One Piece chapter 940 has a slower tempo than the previous chapter and brings us closer to Tonoyasu and the citizens of Ebisu. There are some interesting moments here. From Law makes a move, the corrupt Flower capital, the kind-hearted Tonoyasu, to Luffytaro's Haki training, here's One Piece chapter 940 discussion.

One Piece chapter 940 discussion

Law makes a move

In Chapter 938 we saw that Sangoro and friends were trying to calm Law who is furious after Bepo being accused as the traitor. Apparently, Law is still mad about it and now he is heading to the capital to free Bepo, Shachi, and Penguin.
one piece 940 theory and discussion
But this time Law might have been more careful and would not fall into the trap that is waiting for him in the capital. Hopefully, we can witness his action saving Bepo and friends later.

Onami and Usohachi the cowards

Onami defends her senior Kunoichi because she knew she was angry since the plan which she has waited for 20 years is in danger.
the coward one piece 940
Then we realize that Onami and Usohachi are two of the Straw Hat pirate cowardice trio. Usohachi says he would understand if Bepo and friends leaked the plans because he would also do the same if he is captured and tortured.

Likewise, Onami says she would only last three seconds before confessing if captured.

Komurasaki is a good person after all

Then One Piece chapter 940 shows the nasty people who just got banished from the capital. They are Bungo, Bongo, and Bingo.

One of the elders of Ebisu who has a hairstyle similar to Vismoke Judge (not theory) tells us that they are corrupt people living in the capital city.

They live by deceiving others and survive in the capital by bribing the officials. And they fell in love with the same woman, Komurasaki.
komurasaki hyori one piece
Then what is the significance of the story of these losers? I think the elder wants to tell us that Komurasaki was not cruel and cunning when she was still an Oiran.

Before we know Komurasaki is Hyori, her image is so bad because she manipulated her customers for money until they are completely broke. But, it seems that Komurasaki's cunning nature is part of her plan to deceive evil people like Bungo, Bongo, and Bingo. And it is possible that her other victims are also corrupt people who she wants to suffer.

Who leaked the alliance plan?

One Piece chapter 940 then gives us information about how Orochi knows the plan. Tonoyasu says that almost everyone knows the meaning of the secret message, but not everyone (even including himself) knows about the crescent tattoo.
So Tonoyasu indirectly wants to say that the person who leaks this secret knows both the meaning of the secret paper and the crescent tattoo of Kozuki clan supporters. In other words, there might be a traitor.

Tonoyasu the saint

Then One Piece chapter 940 gives us more information about the mysterious Tonoyasu. Despite his ridiculous appearance, he is a Kozuki clan sympathizer and ready to help Momonosuke to dethrone Orochi.

However, he also has an equally important responsibility which is helping the poor in Ebisu. He has this routine where he walks around the town and helps the citizens. Despite he is also poor, Tonoyasu put others before himself.
People adore him not only because he takes care of the poor, but also because he is charming and very polite. We can see that he is very good at praising Usohachi, Onami and the elder.
But strangely enough, even though he is famous and also knows Kanjuro and Shinobu, none of the Kozuki clans retainers know him. Makes him even more mysterious.

Then chapter 940 gives us a surprise. It turns out that Tonoyasu is Otoko's father. We can see the resemblance on their smiles.

Although selling his daughter to pleasure district is cruel, but it appears that both of them did it to help the people on Ebisu.

Haki in Wano

One Piece chapter 940 then takes us back to Udon prison. Luffytaro is still fighting Madilloman in the Sumo Tournament.

Here finally, we know about the concept of Haki in Wano. So if outside Wano Haki is known as "ambition" or "desire," then in Wano it is called Ryouu, which focuses more on the concept of "flow."
advanced haki technique training
It is possible that this difference explains that "Ryouu" is an ancient concept of "Haki" or maybe even Haki originated from Wano, considering that it's an isolated country so that the authenticity of Haki is still preserved.

It's like the main character in other fictions who gets stronger by training the origin of his power.
luffy haki training one piece 940
But of course, Ryouu is hard to master. Many times Luffytaro failed to perform the correct advanced Busoshoku technique. Funnily, it makes his opponents turn into life sand sacks and take the beating.

Meanwhile, Queen looks like he wants to warn Luffytaro that he beat too many opponents. Does he want Luffytaro to get stronger and then beat him to break his spirit?

Caribou is a friend

Luffytaro still can't trust Caribou of course because of what he did in the past.

Apparently, the key which Raizo stole is not Kawamatsu's cell key, but it's Caribou handcuffs'. This is why Caribou has been able to use his devil fruit ability to bring Raizo to with him. And Raizo thinks that Caribou's ability will be very useful for escaping Udon prison.
Caribou pleaded his allegiance to Luffytaro and promised he will change. It seems that the Straw Hats grand fleet gets one more pirates under its flag.

Again, here Raizo addresses the power of devil fruit as a demonic art. So now it's clear that the concepts and terms of Haki and Devil are different in Wano.

Finally Hyougoro found out

Sumo Inferno Tournament takes a short break. But Luffytaro is still not satisfied with his training and of course, he is starving too.

During this break, Hyou finally finds out the truth about Luffy and what happened to the Kozuki clan who were sent to the future.
one piece 940 theories
When Raizo, with the help of Caribou, reunited with Luffytaro and Hyou, he doesn't believe that the famous Hyougoro has changed into a malnourished old man. Likewise, Hyou also cannot believe that the Kozuki clan still exist.

If Luffytaro doesn't meet Hyou in the Udon prison, then the grandpa who is very important for the alliance's plan may have given up and die like a dog in the prison.
Then Hyou says that the fact that the Nine Red Scabbards still live with Momonosuko has created a spark of rebellion.

Finally, Hyou joins the alliance and he already has a plan which is releasing strong prisoners in all of the Udon prison.

Not all prisoners are small fries. Many of them are yakuza bosses like grandpa Hyou.
yakuza boss in wano op 940
Even though their silhouette looks terrifying, I think that the bosses are now old and their look has changed due to malnourished like Hyou. Surely it will be very funny to see.

Hyou then mentions that Wakamatsu is very important for the plan. Maybe it's because Kawamatsu can dig tunnels into other prisons like he dug a hole when saving Hyori.
big mom arrives udon prison
And in the meantime, Olin and friends have almost arrived at the Udon prison. Meanwhile, Choperemon is still worried that the plan will fall apart.

Now that's the One Piece chapter 940 discussion. If you have a theory or speculation about this chapter, please let me know in the comments bellow.

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