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One Piece Chapter 941 Discussion: Tonoyasu's Real Identity

One Piece chapter 941 is quite interesting because it finally reveals the identity of one of the mysterious characters. In addition, this chapter also hints a possibility of collision between several characters at a particular place. From the capture of Witching Hour Boy, Hyori and Zorojuro, to Tonoyasu's real identity, here’s One Piece chapter 941 discussion.

One Piece chapter 941 discussion

A Shogun must be determined

One Piece chapter 941 starts in the flower capital where we hear the news that a forest in Kuri is on fire and the Witching Hour Boy is finally captured.

However, for Orochi, mourning to Komurasaki's death is more important than the news. He is even angry in his dragon form when Fukurokuju disturbs his mourning. That’s how much he loves the Oiran.
one piece 941 theories
But then Fukurokuju explains that Kyoshiro did the right thing executing Komurasaki. If a person who has laid a hand on the Shogun can get away, it can damage his reputation. A Shogun must act strong and death is the only punishment for a rebel.

When Fukurokuju reveals the Witching Hour Boy' identity, Orochi's anger, and sadness immediately turn to surprise. It’s interesting. Does Yasu'ie know important secrets about Orochi's past?
Because of his hatred to Yasu'ie, Orochi wants people of Wano witness Yasuie's execution through a live broadcast to show what would happen if someone opposed him.

In addition, the broadcast will also show Komurasaki’s procession to prevent the idol fans from gathering in the capital because it can cause a bigger commotion.

Luffytaro has to postpone his training

From the capital, One Piece chapter 941 takes us to the Udon prison. Queen who is a fan of Komurasaki crying so hard as he knows the idol's death from Kaido.
But still, he refuses to believe it not until he sees it with his own eyes from the live broadcast. Again, Queen shows a hilarious nature as a commander of one of the Yonkos.

Meanwhile, Luffytaro and Hyou's grandfather are ready to continue the Sumo Inferno match or we can say his Haki training. But right now what's more important for Queen is Komurasaki's procession.

So, Luffytaro’s training has to be postponed and replaced by the live broadcast.

But, there is something funny about Luffytaro and Hyou's grandfather. They look “healthier” than before. Apparently, they ate Queen's favorite food, the Oshiruko, until nothing left.
Maybe after staying up late in the previous chapter with grandpa Hyou, Caribou, and Raizo, Luffytaro found the Oshiruko and ate it.

Well, that means what Choperemon feared the most has happened. The Oshiruko who he promised to Big Mom has gone. So when Big Mom arrived at the prison, there would be chaos because of the food.

Shutenmaru makes his move

One Piece chapter 941 then takes us to Shutenmaru's headquarters in Mount Atama, Kuri. As in the news at the beginning of this chapter, the forest on this mountain caught fire and the culprit is Holdem.
one piece chapter 940 discussion
Holdem burns Shutenmaru's headquarters after finding the message Kinemon left behind.

Although it’s cunning, Kinemon has to do it to make Shutenmaru clashes with Beast pirates. I pity Holdem because he will deal with Shutenmaru who is on par or maybe even stronger than Jack.

Hyori and Zorojuro

One Piece chapter 941 then takes us to the Ringo area. Bonekichi who did not appear in the bathhouse doesn't know that Onami and friends have moved to Ebisu. So that’s why he goes to Ringo area instead of regrouping with Onami in Ebisu.

After the shocking Onami’s flash scene at the bathhouse, Wano arc again presents another provoking scene which is Hyori sleeping with Zorojuro and Otoko.
zoro love hyori one piece
Hmmm, are we going to see more of their intimate yet hilarious scenes in the future?

Bonekichi called Zorojuro very lucky to be able sleeping with a woman as beautiful as Hyori. And Hyori also teases Zorojuro by saying that people would die just so they can sleep next to her.
zoro hyori theories one piece
But, as always, Zorojuro didn't think too much about these sort of things. It obviously would be different if it happens to Sangoro.

People of Wano are superstitious

Bonekichi’s appearance almost makes Hyori and Otoko running scared. Then Hyori said that it must be because of Bonekichi that many people deliver offerings in front of the dwell. This might be a hint that people of Wano are highly superstitious.

Previously we have seen members of Onibawanshu scared to death because of Bonekichi. And it turns out that is part of Kinemon's plan. And it worked so well because most of the people in Wano are superstitious.

The bad news

Then Bonekichi tells Zorojuro about what happened in the capital city. Here we know that he was separated from Onami and friends because they were not able to meet at the bathhouse. Maybe this is caused by the chaos that we saw in chapter 936.

Here, we also see that Bonekichi doesn't know Hyori is Komurasaki. Hyori and Zorojuro also chose to keep the secret to themselves.

Then Bonekichi tells about the capture of the Witching Hour Boy which turns out his real identity is Tonoyasu. This makes Otoko instantly run to the capital to see his father.
Funnily, she still looks smiling when worrying about her father.

Well, from Otoko, Yasuie's and Hyori's relationships, it could be that Yasuie deliberately sold Otoko to the red-light district to look after Hyori. To keep an eye of Oden's daughter. Maybe Yasu’ie is one of those friends who knows Hyori's secret.

Hyori, Zorojuro, and Bonekichi also go to the capital to help Otoko saving his father. Obviously, this will make the situation more complicated. Otoko and Hyori cannot return to the capital because the Shogun wants Otoko dead while Hyori's secrets could be discovered if she goes to the capital.

Tonoyasu’s real identity

One Piece chapter 941 takes us back to the Flower capital. The Komurasaki's procession has already begun and is witnessed by the grieving fans.
One of the people who take part in the procession is riding a dog. From the tail, it looks like this dog is one of Wano unique creatures like the Kirin.

The procession is heading to Rasetsu district where the criminals are because Komurasaki was executed as a rebel who has laid hand on Orochi.

Then we go to Ebisu. We can see the citizens are watching the live broadcast.
The people of Ebisu finally find out that the savior of the poor, the Witching Hour Boy, is their very own saint Tonoyasu.
Ironically, as usual the citizens of Ebisu are still laughing even when they are sad as their savior is about to get executed.

Orobi and friends who also see this finally know that Tonoyasu is one of the Kozuki clan Daimyos. People used to call him Yasu the Hedgehog. Maybe because of his hair.

It seems that "Yasuie" is a wordplay of "Ieyasu" taken from the name of a Daimyo then Shogun of Japan, Tokugawa Ieyasu.

Maybe this wordplay is a hint of Yasu’ie’s status as a Daimyo or it could be a kind of foreshadowing that he will become the new Shogun when Orochi is overthrown since Momonosuke is still a child. Only if Tonoyasu makes it out alive.

Despite being crucified and on the verge of death, Tonoyasu aka Yasuie is still smiling.
He is happy that the people in the capital still remember him. And Yasuie has one thing he wants to say. The thing he addressed to Orochi. Let’s hope we will find out in the next chapter.

This way, there is a possibility of a major uproar will happen in the Rasetsu district because some of the main characters are going to appear there. Law is going to save Bepo and friends. Then there are Zorojuro, Komurasaki, Kyoshiro, and Orochi who are also heading there.

It is clear that Wano arc is getting exciting because Big Mom also almost makes her way to the prison.

That’s One Piece chapter 941 discussion. If you have a theory or speculation about this chapter, please let me know in the comment below.

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2 comments for "One Piece Chapter 941 Discussion: Tonoyasu's Real Identity"

  1. Man I really like your reviews, and I really think that the route of the narrative is going to the Susano'o story. If you pay attention in the situation, Orochi is heading to the Rasetsu prison where Yasu is crucified, Zoro with Hiyori, they are also going there following O-Toko, so maybe Orochi will see Hiyori and he will recognize that she's in fact Komurasaki, maybe he'll ask Kyoshiro how she's alive or he'll enter in a berserk mode and he will try to take her back because he's obsessed with her, Zoro obviously won't let that happen. The point is that Zoro will probably face Orochi because of Hiyori, to protect her, and she really seems to be in love with Zoro, so it really looks like that Susano'o story is happening here. Yamata no Orochi = Shogun Orochi. Susano'o = Zoro, Kushinada-Hime = Hiyori(which is also a princess).

    1. Yes, I also think that way. Actually, I have written about Susanoo vs Yamata no Orochi in Wano arc, but it's not in English.

      I completely agree with the idea that Zoro represents Susanoo and so on. And we can also see the similarity in the Raid of Onigashima plan where Luffy and the alliance will attack Kaido and Orochi on a drinking party at the Fire Festival. It's like how Susanoo tricked Yamata no Orochi with sake before killing it.

      But we never know how Wano arc will end because until now Oda has proven that he can blend Japanese folklore with One Piece but still makes it unpredictable. So far Oda has included Yamata no Orochi, Momotaro, and Benkei vs Yoshitsune story in Wano arc narrative and been able to mix them well.

      Btw, thanks for the compliment.