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One Piece Haki Explained: What We Know So Far

One Piece Devil Fruit is one of the most original power systems in anime and manga. The fruit grants magical power to those who eat it but takes away their ability to swim. You got more power but cannot swim. Then later on One Piece creator, Eiichiro Oda introduced a new concept of power system named Haki. Some of us still confuse or unfamiliar with it. Luckily, here I will try to explain One Piece Haki briefly.

What is Haki?

In One Piece, Haki is regarded as a spiritual power that every human, if not every living thing possesses. However, not all humans aware of this power, let alone awaken it.

It is believed that the stronger your determination or opponents, the more powerful your Haki can become.

I think Oda created Haki to balance the power scaling in One Piece since some Devil Fruit powers are overpowered.

Rayleigh used Haki to block Kizaru's Logia attack
For example, some of the strongest characters in One Piece are Haki users without devil fruit power such as Garp, Rayleigh, and Shanks. They can stand toe to toe with overpowered devil fruit users.

How is Haki awakened?

Haki can be awakened through training or through an extreme experience.

However, some One Piece Haki users awakened their Haki without going through such conditions. For example, Otohime from the Ryugu kingdom and Aisa from Skypiea.

Haki has been introduced a long time ago

Maybe we know the concept of Haki when Luffy was stranded on Amazon Lily. The uses are also more often seen after the time skip.

But, actually, the Haki has been featured in the One Piece since the beginning.

Shanks used Conqueror Haki when he saved Luffy from the sea monster. The monster ran away right after sensing Shanks's Haki.

Then, the term Haki has also been introduced long before the time skip. In Jaya island, Kurohige mentioned Haki but did not explain the concept further.

Haki inconsistency

The concept of One Piece Haki is indeed very interesting. But some fans still wonder how come the Armament Haki was not drawn in black before the time skip.

In the Marineford Arc which involved One Piece's top fighters, yet we didn't see anyone blacken their body or weapon when using Armament Haki. So far there's no definite answer from Oda. But some fans draw some opinions.

The first opinion says that Haki's inconsistency is one of Oda's blunder. He just remembered to draw Armament in black after the time skip.

The second opinion thinks that Haki was not visible before the time skip because we view the story from Luffy's perspective who back then had not yet mastered Armament Haki. That's why after he mastered it some form of Armament Haki is in black.

What are the three types of Haki?

Haki is classified into three types: Observation Haki (Kenbunshoku) which allows us to feel the presence, Armament Haki (Busoshoku) which can improve our defense and offense, and Conqueror Haki (Haoshoku) which can dominate or conquer others.

1. Observation or Kenbunshoku Haki

This Haki is like a sixth sense. You can feel the presence of other living beings. If the target was hidden, we would see the projection in the form of aura.

Not only the presence, Observation Haki can also detect the range of power, emotion, and intention. It needs a calm mind to perform.

The advanced Observation Haki

With intensive training, Observation Haki can reach an advanced level. We have seen it from Katakuri and Luffy who can see a glimpse of the future.

But, some fans also classify Voice of All Things (an ability to hear anything, especially voices that come from the things that are related to the past such as Sea Kings and Poneglpyhs) as an advanced Kenbunshoku technique.

If so, we can say that in some conditions you don’t need intensive training to reach this level. For example, Momonosuke who can hear Zunisha’s voice.

2. Armament or Busoshoku Haki

This is the most common type of Haki used by fighters in One Piece. In Wano it is called "Ryou."

Armament Haki is the type of Haki that cloaks body or weapon. It will harden the body and weapon which is marked with black color or create a highly defensive invisible armor.

Haki users in One Piece use this Haki to increase their physical attacks and defenses.

It is believed that Armament Haki allows you to bypass or nullify devil fruit ability. Even you can attack Logia users. But how?

Haki users can attack the Logia user's real body because it uses spiritual energy.

In some cases, Armament Haki can form a tribal pattern on the body. Usually, it occurs on powerful moves. We have seen it from Luffy's Gear Fourth, Katakuri's Chikara Mochi, and Big Mom's hand.

Garp often used Armament Haki on Luffy since he was a kid. That’s why Luffy felt pain when Garp punched his head. What a good grandfather.

Just like Observation Haki, Armament Haki can also reach an advanced level through continuous training or fighting stronger opponents.

The advanced Armament Haki

Wano people call it Ryou which has the concept of inner flow.

Advanced Armament Haki technique flows Haki out of the body, but only at close range. The users will be able to hit the targets without even touching them. We have seen this technique performed by Rayleigh, Sentomaru, and the three pre-time skip Admirals.

Then, there is a higher level of this advanced technique. It allows the user to flow Haki into the targets' body and attack them from the inside out.

Luffy learned this technique in the Wano arc with the help of grandpa Hyo's training plan.

The advanced technique reminds me of Naruto's Rasengan when fighting Sasuke on the hospital roof. At that time, Rasengan damaged a water tank from the inside, not outside.

3. Conqueror or Haoshoku Haki

Well, this one is the rarest type. Only certain people can awaken this type of Haki. The one who has the quality of a king. The One Piece characters who have this Haki are kings, former kings, or those who want to be a king and conqueror.
one piece conqueror haki
Shanks's Conqueror Haki on Whitebeard ship
Conqueror Haki allows its users to dominate others. Especially those who have a weak mind or determination.

Some of the usage of this Haki such as taming wild animals and making weaker opponents collapsed. On a special case, it can even affect the surrounding objects, like how Shanks damaged Whitebeard ship upon his arrival.

Is there an advanced level of Conqueror Haki?

So far, there has been no clear explanation about it. But, many fans theorize that what Shanks did on the Whitebeard ship was an advanced Conqueror Haki.

Can one master more than one type of Haki?

Yes, you can. But usually, Haki users only stand out in one type even though they master two or three types.

For example, Katakuri master both Observation and Armament Haki. Even his Armament is harder than Luffy's. But as we know, Katakuri only reaches the advanced level on Observation Haki because he often trained and used it in battle.

Well, that's the explanation about One Piece haki. Tell me what you think in the comment below.
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