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9 Unanswered Theories about Wano Arc in One Piece Manga So Far

Besides its strong and unique characters, hilarious humor, and epic arcs, One Piece is more popular than other mangas because each chapter sparks discussion. Fans would speculate and create their own theories. As Wano arc progressing, there are already tons of theories about this arc. Some are proven right and wrong, and some are still unanswered. Here are 9 unanswered theories about Wano arc so far.

1. Kaido is a Dragon who ate Devil Fruit

This Wano arc theory is backed by the fact that Oda has not revealed Kaido's Devil Fruit type yet. We can assume that he kept it a secret to surprise fans because Kaido is a dragon who ate Hit-Hito no Mi.

Then, what type of Hito-Hito no Mi? It can be Oni type since the tale of Momotaro vs Oni inspired Wano arc.

Another evidence backing up this theory is Kaido's epithet. He is called the strongest "creature," not human. So maybe it's true he is indeed a dragon since the very beginning.

2. Kaido is Oars descendant

Well, this Wano arc theory is pretty convincing due to Kaido's appearance. He has horns just like Oars. However, because his stature is not as tall and big as Oars, perhaps Kaido is a mixed breed of Oars and another race.

3. Wano archipelago is shaped by Oars

Oars, the ancient giants, are said to be the continent pullers. there's a possibility that the Wano islands are "pulled" together by the giants in the distant past. 

The question is, why it has to be Wano? It's because the isolated country is not affiliated with the 20 countries.

4. Lady Toki was from Void Century

Before Kozuki Toki sent her son to the future, she said that she had traveled further through time until she decided to stay at Wano. There was a rumor that she was from a distant past.

Could it be that she came from the Void Century? If so, it may explain why Momo was able to command Zunisha. People from the Void Century has this special ability and it's passed down to Momo from his mother.

5. Zoro will obtain Kusanagi no Tsurugi

Another Japanese legend that inspires Wano arc is the tale of Yamata no Orochi. Orochi who looks like Yamata no Orochi may have the Kusanagi no Tsurugi blade. The legend says, Susanoo who killed Yamata no Orochi obtained the blade from its tail in exchange of his broken sword.

Since Zoro wants to avenge Yasuie's death, perhaps he will get another new sword from Orochi after one of his sword breaks? Who knows?

6. Who is the pheasant?

Momotaro folklore inspires Oda in writing Wano arc. The story is about Momotaro who befriends a monkey, a dog, and a pheasant with his kibidango. They then defeat the Oni. 

The monkey and the dog have been represented by Luffy and Inuarashi. While the pheasant is still a mystery. Some fans think that Marco represents the bird, but we know that he refused the call. So, it's either there's another character who represents the pheasant or Marco still will come to Wano.

7. Zoro will kill Kaido

Ryuma is a samurai who could slay a dragon. There's a chance that the history will repeat itself. However, this Wano arc theory denies Shonen and One Piece tradition. It's a common knowledge that the main character, which is Luffy, will be the one who defeats the main boss, which is Kaido.

Luckily, there's another dragon in Wano: the eight-headed dragon Orochi. Since Zoro really wants to kill Orochi to avenge Yasuie, we can expect Zoro will slay Orochi, not Kaido.

8. The promised war

In 2017 Jump Festa, Oda released a statement that there will be a big war that will make Summit War looks cute. The war is connected to a legend who has a past with Shirohige. 

Judging by Wano arc development, I think it's safe to say that the big war will happen in Wano. If so, it will not only involve Luffy alliance and the two Yonkos alliance, but also the Marines and the World Government.

9. Weapon of mass destruction

We know that Oda often takes inspirations from folklore, legends, and even from real events. I think he will take inspiration from World War II for Wano war.

In World War II, two of Japanese cities are leveled by atomic bombs. What if Wano arc will include the ancient weapons or Buster Call to represent the atomic bomb in One Piece?

Those are 9 unanswered theories about Wano arc so far that I can gather. Let me know your theories in the comment below.

Note: I updated this list by deleting the theory about Kyoshiro is Denjiro since it is finally answered in One Piece chapter 973. And it turned out that the Witching Hour Boy is also Denjiro. Let's hope the remaining unanswered theories will soon be answered.

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