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6 New Shonen Manga You Don't Wanna Miss in 2019

This list will be limited to ongoing shonen manga that has not adapted to anime and has less than 100 chapters. Of course, this list is subjective based on my opinion. From action-thriller, epic sci-fi, to hilarious action-comedy, here is the new shonen manga you don't want to miss in 2019.

1. Soloist in a cage

Let us start this list with Soloist in a Cage. The first chapter is so touching and powerful. The world in this manga is quite unique where there is a prison town always covered in snow where any kind of criminals is sentenced to live there. And our main protagonist is a very young girl who wants to reenter the prison just to find his long lost little brother. Sadly, the manga is on hiatus because of the author's health.

2. Hell's Paradise: Jigokuraku

Death row convicts are sent to an island to retrieve an elixir of life for the emperor. The island is beautiful like paradise, but deep inside it is a living hell. Jigokuraku is one of those shonen mangas that can deliver a sense of risk and danger to the reader. The concept of power is quite unique, but sometimes it tends to try so hard to be complex.

3. Arata Primal

Arata Primal will remind you of Dr. Stone, but without ridiculously entertaining humor. Our main protagonist is sent back in time to the dangerous primitive stone age to find the key to save human civilization. If Dr. Stone has the science and humor, then Arata Primal has the survival technique and horror as the selling point.

4. Samurai 8

Naruto fans must have already followed this Masashi Kishimoto and Akira Okubo's latest manga. This time, Kishimoto tells us a story about young samurai who has to travel through stars with his cat master to find the keys of Pandora Box and become the best samurai in the galaxy. It has unique characters that represent the minorities. The space samurai concept will remind you of Star Wars but in shonen manga style.

5. Jujutsu Kaisen

Oke, this one has similar characters introduction to Naruto with art style look like Bleach. The main character has the best curse, like Kyubi. His male friend is the coolest and most talented student in school, like Sasuke. His female friend has a strong physique like Sakura, but she is more reliable. While their mentor is so handsome with powerful eye power like Kakashi. Regardless, the main character is so different in motive compared to Naruto and the power concept and its mythology are worth reading.

6. Chainsawman

This new shonen manga is one of the best around this year. The first chapter may not hook you up right away, but as the story goes it will never stop to surprise you. It has "Game of Thrones" plot twist. But the main character is the charm. Denji is so simple and spontaneous. He often makes unpredictable and hilarious decisions, like jump right into creepy devils who eat human just to get a kiss.
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