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One Piece Chapter 956 Discussion: Blackbeard Is Up to Something

There are big surprises dropped in One Piece chapter 956. Most of them are Reverie related and how they influence the world of One Piece. This chapter also reveals that Drake and Koby up to something classified.

One Piece chapter 956 discussion

There's blood spilled

After the incident with Charlos, I thought something bad will happen to Shirahoshi after the Reverie. It turns out that the mermaid princess and family are safe and sound, thanks to Garp.

According to Garp, Reverie is always intense. The world leaders have their own ego and underestimate each other.

However, this year's Reverie is something else. There's blood spilled and it is related to Alabasta.
What happened to Vivi and her father? We don't know yet for sure.

But I think it has something to do with Vivi, Luffy, Teach, and Shirahoshi's picture being discussed by Im-Sama and Gorosei back in chapter 908.

Maybe the king of Empty Throne has made his decision. He picks Vivi for a particular reason that is still remained unknown.

Big news from Reverie

Morgans, the president of World Economic Newspaper company, makes his appearance. He has three big news to print.
First, someone's dead at Reverie. Judging from how surprised and sad Sabo's friends are, I think this news tells something bad has happened to Sabo. Is he dead? Who knows?

Second, the result of the conference. We can assume that this news tells about the abolition of Sichibukai system.

The last one is an assassination attempt. Referring to Reverie related chapters, I think the target of this assassination is either the Nefertari or the Tenryuubito.

At the beginning of this chapter, Garp already said that the blood is spilled and it refers to Alabasta. Im-Sama and Gorosei also discussed Vivi. Then, Gorosei also viewed the Nefertari clan as a traitor.

Furthermore, we also knew that Sabo and his friends wanted to attack the Tenryuubito to rescue Kuma.

However, since it's only an attempt, then the target of this assassination is likely still alive.

Morgans is a liar!

The World Government is not happy about the headlines, so they send a secret agent. Surprisingly, Morgan can take out the government agent himself.

In his monologue, some keywords could make us more relax about Sabo's fate.

Morgans says that he is a journalist who is expert in words. He often spins lies and writes what he wants to move people. So there's a possibility that the sad news about Sabo is not 100% accurate.

What happened to Sabo?!

One Piece chapter 956 then takes us to the present where the newspaper has already spread across the world.
On Kamabakka kingdom, Ivankov refuses to believe the news. Dragon wants to confirm it but they cannot contact Sabo and the team. In other words, Sabo really is in trouble!

On Goa kingdom, Stelly finally finds out that his stepbrother was in Reverie.
Still, On Goa kingdom, Makino closes her bar because the news about Sabo is so devastated. There's a baby in the room. Is fans theory about Shanks and Makino true?!

Meanwhile, Dadan and friends are drowning in tears. Ironically, they have to find out that Sabo's was alive from bad news. I think this panel confirms that the headline is about Sabo's death.

So, is Sabo really dead? Only Oda Knows.

The ones who enjoy chaos

One Piece 956 also shows that the news reaches two individuals who enjoy chaos.

In Impel Down, Doflamingo is laughing with joy in his cage. He relishes the big news. The world never stops surprise him.

On the Pirate Island, there's Marshall D. Teach the Blackbeard. He is on fire and the words that come from his mouth give chills.
He wants to claim the prize before the Marines do. What kind of prize is that? My wild speculation is that he is planning to take the former Sichibukai before the Marines do.

We know that Blackbeard pirates notoriously hunt people with ability. They may kill the users and take their ability or ask them to join, just like how Teach asked Moriah.


The surprise bombs don't stop there. The chapter reveals that Koby and Drake are in some spy stuff. They use code to confirm their identities.

The secret division is called Sword. Drake is the captain, Koby is the member, and they are exchanging information.

What has happened at Reverie may surprise Drake, but what has happened in Onigashima will make Koby lose his brain.

Drake's grand plan

What takes my interest from Koby and Drake' exchange is about their secret "plan."

Here, Koby said that the incidents at Reverie are severe even all the Marines cannot fix it for now. It affects the progress of their plan. What kind of "plan" is that?
I think this plan is the "grand plan" Drake told Law in chapter 954 when he released him. Of course, we don't know for sure what is this plan about. But we can draw two speculations out of it.

First, there's a possibility that the Marines is planning to take down the Yonko, and their first target is Kaido or Big Mom. Sounds far fetched, isn't it? But here's the proof.

Drake said that releasing Law is part of his grand plan. By releasing Law, it would help Luffy to take down Kaido. Hence, it also benefits the Marines.

In this chapter, Drake is grateful that Wano is not affiliated with WG. Maybe it implies that the Marines can go all-out in a war against Kaido or Big Mom in Wano. A Buster Call maybe?

Moreover, Koby also says that the Marines is looking forward to Kaido and Big Mom killing each other. It may indicate that they will proceed when Kaido or Big mom exhausted or maybe heavily wounded from their fight.

But, they cannot predict what will happen when the two Yonkos meet. Instead of killing each other, Big Mom and Kaido form an alliance!

The second speculation about this plan is that Sword is a secret faction in Marines that is not part of WG. This faction comprises the good and idealists Marines who start to question the WG.
They are a secret group within the Marines with a mysterious plan. If this is true, the possible members would be Sengoku, Garp, Aokiji, Smoker, Fujitora, Drake, and Koby.

That's why Koby moves to a quieter place so he can discuss the classified plan with Drake.

Their doubt over WG is also displayed when Drake question WG decision to make a deal with Wano Shogunate who is backed by a pirate.

The abolition of Sichibukai system

One Piece chapter 956 finally confirms fans theory since chapter 925. Mihawk asked Perona to leave the Island because Sichibukai was about to be removed.
The news spreads across the world. Some are happy about it because they hate pirates. Some are scared of the chaos it may cause.

This decision is passed by Reverie after king Cobra and king Riku testified how Crocodile and Doflamingo destroy their kingdom.

The hunt for Sichibukai

The new rule takes effect immediately. The Marines are already on the doorstep of each Sichibukai and ask them to surrender.

On Karai Bari island, resides the most powerful and dangerous Sichibukai of all, Lord Buggy. Buggy felt betrayed because Marine strips his warlord title without warning nor consultation. Like always, Buggy uses his mouth and trickery to survive.
On Kuraigana Island, Mihawk who has already suspected it waiting with excitement. It has been a long time since the Marines chase him. We can expect what will happen to those poor marines.
On a certain island in the New World, there's Weevil with his mother. How the Marines use special equipment to capture Weevil may explain that Weevil's power is wild and dangerous.

The last one is Boa Hancock in the Amazon Lily. As the former senior member of Sichibukai like Mihawk, Hancock is not afraid of Marines, because she is so strong.
Since the Marine sends Koby to capture Hancock, there's a possibility that they will discuss Luffy in their fight.

The former Sea Warlord may look relax and calm (except buggy). But they will start to get serious or even cautious if Blackbeard really joins the hunt! Zehahaha.

That's all the One Piece chapter 956 theories and discussion. Let me know what you think in the comment below.
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