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One Piece Chapter 951 Discussion: What Are Those Three Races?

One Piece chapter 951 is out and mostly it tells the alliance's preparation for the final battle. But at the end of the chapter, there something interesting happens like King's race and the clash of the two Yonkos.

One Piece chapter 951 theories and discussion

The true nature of pirates

In Shogunate palace, Fukurokuju says that capturing Law will eventually destroy the rebellion because he is one of the masterminds. The shogunate ninja is certain that torturing Law will make him betray Luffytaro because betrayal is in pirates' DNA.

I think, even though Law is not as good pirate as Luffytaro, the man will not betray his alliance.


One Piece chapter 951 introduces us to the Flower capital police force called Mimawarigumi that really existed in old Japan. They are group of samurai, not Ronin like Shinsengumi.

one piece 951 theories and discussion
They have interesting character designs but sadly only passing through in this chapter.

Wano wanted poster

Here, we also get to see the wanted poster in Wano. The pictures are painted in Ukiyo-e style. From these posters, now we know how Sangoro and friends look like if they are drawn in Ukiyo-e style.

wano wanted posters one piece 951
Moreover, Oda also uses these posters as his storytelling tools in this chapter. Right after the fugitives finish performing, we will see their wanted poster. I can’t wait to see this chapter adapted into the anime.

The alliance's preparation 

Mostly, One Piece 951 shows us the alliance preparing before the final battle. Thanks to Yasuie sacrifice, they can still proceed with the plan. Here, we see the member of the alliance except those who have already appeared in the previous chapter.

Sangoro and Shinobu are still in Flower capital. They are observing the crescent tattoo prisoners. The prisoners are not discharged yet because it could make the shogun looks bad.

Onami and Beppo are in Northern Ebisu. It turns out Beppo and friends are released in an exchange Law’s freedom. Bepo has to pass Yasuie's final message to Onami so she can deliver it to Kinemon. I think the two lines in the coded message mean the new location of their gathering place before the war.

wano coded paper means
From Onami, we also know that the Straw Hats are moving their base to Kuri.

Franosuke and Kanjuro are in Ebisu. Kanjuro’s task is to keep safe Yasuie's body and give it a proper burial in Kuri. While Franosuke is on transportation duty with an interesting tiger-like motorbike or we can say tiger-bike.

Then, there are Orobi, Ushohachi, and Bonekichi in the wharf en route to Kuri. They perform the funniest and most heartwarming scenes in One Piece 951. Their task is to flee from the capital to keep Otoko safe.

Because their wanted posters are spread across the capital, they have to put the “huh?!” silly face to make them unrecognizable. Bonekichi is posing as a ghost while hiding Otoko under his robe.

The funny moment suddenly becomes so touching and heartwarming when Orobi hugs Otoko who has been exhausted because of her grief.

And then, there are Kinemon, Ashuda Douji, and Inuarashi in the Western Kuri. They need to repair the old broken ships before the Raid of Onigashima. Luckily, they have Franosuke, the best shipwright in town, on their side.

Law’s decision

The law orders Bepo and friends not to tell Luffytaro that he got captured. I think he is afraid of Luffytaro would charge mindlessly to Flower capital to free him.

And it seems the Law rescue mission will be carried out by Beppo and friends.

Big Mom having a good time in Onigashima

The cooks in Onigashima are busy as hell because of Big Mom. They need to calm the Yonko with delicious foods or she will go rampage.

Even though there is a Yonko in front of them, King and Queen are brave enough to insult Big Mom. While their youngest brother, Jack, just keep it quiet.

one piece chapter 951 races threory
Big Mom doesn’t hold any grudge to King even though he attacked her ship. She forgives King because she really wants to recruit him.

The three races 

We already know that Big Mom wants to build a country that contains all races. But, she needs three more races to fulfill that dream. One of them is King's race which was extinguished from history.

King is a winged man. He could be a Skypiean that doesn’t exist in the surface world. But it seems impossible if a Yonko like Big Mom doesn’t have any idea about Skypiea. And obviously, King's wings are quite different from Skypieans'. So, possibly there is another winged race other than the Skypieans.

If King’s race was supposedly extinguished from history, perhaps his race once lived in the void century (?). So interesting.

Then what are the other two races? I think one of them is the Giants since Big Mom is hated by this race. And possibly the last one is the Oars Jr's race. But, of course, this is just a speculation.

The clash of emperors

One Piece chapter 951 confirms that Big Mom and Kaido were on the same ship in the past. They were a Nakama. When Kaido comes, he orders his underling to have Big Mom uncuffed. Not because they are old pals, but because Kaido has promised to kill Linlin if she sets foot on Wano.

Finally, we know why Napoleon was acting peculiar when Big mom amnesia. It turns out that he became shy because Big Mom behaved like a stranger.

Got their own weapons on, the clash between two emperors of the seas is inevitable.

Their attack is so strong that it makes the sky cracked. We have witnessed this colossal moment when Shanks met Shirohige.

This clash tells us that every Yonko possesses this kind of power. And I think Luffytaro is still far below the Yonko level.

That’s the One Piece chapter 951 discussion. Let me know what you think in the comment below.
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