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One Piece Chapter 950 Discussion: Dream Keeps Us Living

One Piece chapter 950 doesn’t only continue the story at Udon prison but also tells us about what happens outside of the prison. This chapter tells us that we need dreams or purposes to keep us moving forward. Without it, we will be lost or even do foolish things.

One Piece chapter 950 theories and discussion

Why Kid didn’t help Luffytaro

This chapter opens at the Udon Prison. Finally, we know why Kid did not join the fight in the previous chapter. He is angry with Kaido but he is also reluctant to fight the Yonko if he has to join Luffytaro's alliance. It seems he is traumatized by his last alliance. Maybe Kid was betrayed once Hawkins and Apoo witnessed Kaido’s power.

one piece chapter 950 discussion
Without the seas tone cuff on, Kid can destroy Udon prison gate with his magneto power. I hope Kid is not planning to leave Wano after gathering all of his Nakama so he can join Luffytaro in the last battle.

We don’t trust pirates!

The prisoners would love to follow Luffytaro if they didn’t know that their savior is a pirate. They don’t trust pirates because of Kaido. And just like that, once again the Wano samurai are about to lose their direction. Luckily, Momonosuke takes the stage and shows them that Kozuki clan still exists. The samurai need a master to follow to give them dreams and purposes.

samurai wano needs dream
Here, in One Piece chapter 950, we can also see that Momonosuke developing. He is not a crybaby anymore. He is starting to realize that he has a responsibility as the heir of Kozuki clan. He needs to be stronger and be a great leader like his father.

Kawamatsu’s mission

Kawamatsu is one of the most interesting characters in Wano arc. He is a kappa, strong samurai, and sumo wrestler champion. I really want to know more about him. However, Oda has another plan.

kawamatsu in op 950
Kawamatsu has to go somewhere. I think he will go finding Hyori since they got separated when Orochi captured him. Maybe.

The cure for mummy virus

Finally, Luffytaro admits that mummy virus takes damage on his body and it is painful. We can see his body starting to dry up like a mummy.

one piece 950 discussion
Strangely, Otama is not worried at all. She’s just stayed cheerful as ever. I think she is worried deep down but refuses to show it in front of her aniki. Just like what she said, a warrior doesn’t cry. Maybe the incident with Kaido changes her.

But, we also don’t have to worry about Luffytaro because he has the best doctor on his side. If Chopperemon succeeds in creating the cure, the Straw Hat Pirates Pet will give Queen a hard time.

What happened 10 years ago

In chapter 925, Shuttenmaru aka Ashura Douji refuses to join Kinemon. He was disappointed after being left behind for 20 years. I think Yasuie’s last words moved him and that’s why he shows Kinemon the graves and then join the cause.

one piece chapter 950
It turns out that after being left behind to the future, Ashura still strongly believed that his friends will come back in 20 years as lady Toki prophesied. But his fellow comrades were starting to lose patience in their 10 years of waiting under Kaido's tyranny. It leads to the suicide mission to Onigashima. This flashback supports the theme of this chapter: without their master, samurai will be lost and worse, they tend to do foolish things.

Before this chapter, I thought Ashura would show Kinemon the Onigashima Blueprint because the last time we knew it is in Kuri held by a mysterious character. If it’s not Ashura, who then?


The flashback also set the light on the “sunacchi” word that Zorojuro taught Momonosuke. A samurai would yell this word when they have to throw away their wits and charge mindlessly with all they got. I think it’s like a kamikaze attack. And maybe that’s why Kikunojo forbid Momonosuke to speak that word. He is the heir of a great house.

The sunacchi word also raises more question about Zorojuro's ancestor. From whom did he learn that word? Is his ancestor from Wano? Or maybe his sensei taught him? But one thing for sure, Zorojuro has some connection with Wano folks who arrived at East Blue in the past.

Why it has to be 20 years?

After 20 years living under Kaido’s tyranny, Ashura Douji still doesn’t understand lady Toki's prophecy. My take is, Toki had been to the future to see when Wano opens its border and Kaido get defeated. She finally saw it when she traveled to the year when a young pirate named Monkey D. Luffy set his foot on the samurai country.

A ronin and a princess

It appears that Orochi’s ninjas are still chasing Zorojuro and Hyori after the chaos in Rasetsu. Zorojuro has taken down many ninjas to keep Hyori safe. And one of them is a member of Oniwabanshu. Their next destination is Ringo to retrieve Shusui from Gyukimaru.

zorojuro and hyori one piece
How One Piece chapter 950 depicts Zorojuro and Hyori scenes is marvelous. The old shrine, the trees, the falling leaves, the battle, and Zorojuro’s interaction with Hyori. It's cinematic enough to look like a samurai movie and quite romantic for a ronin and a princess tale. I really like how Oda tells us Zoro’s adventure in Wano.

Law and his plan

One Piece chapter 950 takes us back to the Flower capital. Law is captured and possibly he also failed to rescue Beppo and friends. However, something is going on here. Drake is acting strange and Law is still able to maintain his cool. Are there any chances that Law succeed in making Drake join his alliance? Who knows?

Lastly, I feel that this chapter hints we are near at the end of Wano arc second act.

That’s One Piece chapter 950 theories and discussion. Let me know what you think in the comment below.

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