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One Piece Chapter 949 Discussion: Luffy's Terrifying Ability

One Piece chapter 949 picks up where the story left off. In this chapter, we see Luffytaro's quality as a leader and as a man. He is the man among men who always keeps his words and can move people’s heart.

One Piece chapter 949 theories and discussions 

The Udon prison liberation gang

Luffytaro cannot still perform the advanced haki technique and uses normal Busoshoku attack. Meanwhile, Chopperemon, Kikunojo, Kawamatsu, Raizo, and even grandpa Hyou use their individual techniques to take down the guards.

Here, we see Chopperemon is so angry that Queen’s men use a virus as a weapon. Could it be that our doctor will be fighting Queen, one of Kaido’s All-Stars, in the Raid of Onigashima?

What happened to Kid?

While Luffytaro and his gang fight against the common enemy, Kid just stays still and doesn’t join the fight.
I hope this is the sign of his anger after what happened to Killer. If it is not, there’s a chance that he already gives up after witnessing Kaido and Queen’s terrifying power.

Despair and mummy virus

Since his excitement bullets miss, Daifugo then shot the prisoners so the virus will spread to Luffytaro and the gang. The virus is called Mummy virus because it will make the victim burns and then dried up like mummies.
Because the prisoners are already believed that no one can stand against Kaido and his army, they are easily manipulated and turn against Luffytaro. They think Luffytaro's presence has ruined their miserable life that they called normal. Yap, they prefer to live like slaves than stand against Kaido because they no longer have a dream and purpose.
More interestingly, I wonder why the prisoners willingly obey the Old Maid. Does he have the cure?

Luffytaro’s terrifying ability

Do you still remember when Mihawk said that Luffy has the most powerful ability? The power that can turn anyone into allies. And One Piece chapter 949 once again shows us this ability.

Our captain risks his life by touching the mummies to wake them up that Kaido or a deadly virus is not the reason to give up. Luffytaro is disappointed that the famous Wano samurai this weak and don't have the heart to fight for their country.
In his speech, Luffytaro wants to tell us that the prisoners need a leader like Oden to once again give them a dream. He also implies that Wano (Japan) will not be moving forward if its people won't let good-willed outsiders helping them.

Then One Piece chapter 949 shows us its best panel when Luffytaro declares that he comes to Wano to defeat Kaido. He gives the broken prisoners choices, either join him or stay as Kaido's slave.
Luffytaro can move the broken-spirited prisoners by feeling their suffering, guaranteeing them a better future, and showing what he is capable of. What a leader!

This quality makes grandpa Hyou in wonder. Luffytaro is one of those real men that are no longer seen in Wano for a very long time.

Luffytaro confirms he can see the future

Seeing that Luffytaro is weakened by the virus, Old Maid prepares to launch his deadliest attack by using excitement grenade which is 200 times dangerous than normal excitement bullet.
But Luffytaro sees it in the future and makes Old Maid feel his own weapon. Correct me if I am wrong. I think this is the first time Luffy confirms that he can see the future since his win against Katakuri.

As the prisoners find their life purpose, it marks the fallen of the famous Udon prison.

That's the One Piece chapter 949 theories and discussion. Let me know what you think in the comment below.

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