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One Piece Chapter 1065 Review and Discussion: The Past Is the Future

Hi guys, I’m back with the One Piece Chapters review after a long hiatus. Here I will review and discuss One Piece Chapter 1065 with the title Six Vegapunk.

As usual, the new arc started with the Strawhats being separated. Despite that, they seemed not to feel any worry at all but looked very enthusiastic. 

The chapter begins with the Zoro team. He is with Brooks drinking while guarding Sunny outside the Egghead lab. Turns out egghead is a government island. It makes caribou, who is still with us, beg to find him someplace safe to get off. But Zoro just told him to get off on his own and it makes Caribou mad.

one peice 1065 discussion
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I’m still curious about Caribou part so far.  He helped Luffy at Wano and in the previous chapters we see that he seems to have a connection to someone powerful. I don’t want to speculate too far, but I think it’s Blackbeard.

Meanwhile, on Sanji’s team, they follow Vegapunk Lilith into the lab. There they found so much advanced tech like an escalator and a magic door. Vegapunk Lilith said that the energy source of this lab is fire. 

one piece chapter 1065 discussion
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I think fire here is not literal fire, but like fire from a process. It means there is another natural power source besides cola that Franky uses, the dial that sky people use, and the human that Tenryuubitos use on Mary Geois. Lilith even said the Vegapunks want to build a sun for that fire.

After passing the magic door, Sanji’s team is waited by a seraph in the form of a kid version of Jinbei. Funnily, previously we also had seen how Jinbei was transformed into a kid by Bonney.  

Jinbei seraphim
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Nevertheless, I think One Piece chapter 1095 answers fans' theory that seraphim are kid clones of old Sichibukai. But, they are also given Lunarian gene, a devil fruit power (possibly artificial since Vegapunk succeeded in making one), and a cyborg technology like Pacifista.

That is why World Government disbanded the Sichibukai system because they already have the Seraphim.

From this chapter, I think Sanji’s team doesn’t have difficulty dealing with a seraph Jinbei, because it is still a child. But still, Sanji’s team finds it a little bit tricky fighting the clone.

And then, in chapter 1065, we kinda see the reason why Vegapunk divided his body into seven entities. He wants to do everything all at once. 

The concept is like seven deadly sins, but I think it’s not a rip-off because it has a “Daft Punk” Vegapunk who represents his goodness. As you know, goodness is not one of the deadly sins.

Then, at the end of the chapter, comes the plot twist. Vegapunk said that Egghead is not the future island but rather the past island. 900 years ago there was a civilization that was as advanced as Egghead in an ancient kingdom. Looks like the cyborg tech is from that civilization. 

Ancient Kingdom One Piece
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I’m pretty sure Vegapunk referred to “the” Ancient Kingdom that was “erased” by the kingdom alliance. 

There are many possibilities why they erased the Ancient Kingdom. 

One of them is: perhaps the conflict started because the kingdom alliance, which later created the World Government, wanted the tech for themselves, but the Ancient Kingdom kinda refused it. It led to the war and the Void Century.

Since the World Government desired the tech so much, they hired Vegapunk to recreate it, and voila the Egghead.

Not gonna lie the Egghead arc started with a quite bland impression until Dragon and Ancient Kingdom popped up.

That is all my review and discussion on One Piece chapter 1065. Tell me what you think in the comment below.

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