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Top 5 Underrated Anime of Spring 2024

This Spring 2024 anime has a line-up of big-name anime coming for you. Apart from popular anime, there are several underrated anime that could be an alternative for those who want to look for new anti-mainstream shows. Here are the five underrated spring anime 2024 for you.

1. Girls Band Cry

The story focuses on Nina Iseri, who dropped out of school and migrated to Tokyo. Loneliness and trying to figure out her life, she met a group of other girls who were miserable and formed a band.

This anime is an original work from Toei Animation and Universal Music Japan with Kinema Citrus. At first glance, it is similar to Bocchi the Rock! (2023) in terms of story and appearance. 

What differentiates Girls Band Cry from other music-based anime is it is made in a full CGI animation with smooth movement. It might be strange for those not used to watching full CGI anime, but the story and music are fascinating.

2. Yoru no Kurage wa Oyogenai

This anime tells the story of an illustrator who no longer draws, a retired idol, a hot-headed VTuber, and an anonymous composer who created the group 'JELEE' to work together to pursue their dreams in the lights of Shibuya.

It has been made as realistic as possible to portray the struggle of people who want to achieve their dreams of succeeding in the virtual world. A journey to achieve their dreams connected to social class and the lives of modern teenagers.

It has stunning animation, the story is refreshing, and each character has its own charm. Suitable for those who want to watch a warm and encouraging story.

3. Bartender: Kami no Glass

Ryuu Sasakura is a talented bartender who is said to be able to mix the best cocktails tailored to each customer. He works in a bar called Eden Hall and finds various unique customers with their own stories.

The story follows the same format as most main characters with hidden talents. The animation and plot are made as mature as possible, including narratives of hotel and bar workers.

However, what differentiates it from other mature anime is that this anime explores and explains what it means to be a bartender. Needless to say, it has a lot of new knowledge about cocktails and bars.

4. The Fables

It tells the story of Akira Satou, a hitman who has to 'stay low' for a year living as an ordinary citizen and must avoid all violence.

Like Bartender, this anime is made realistic with a mature tone and 'heavy' animation. There is a lot of action with a unique story, and it has a similar vibe to the Sakamoto Days manga by Yuto Suzuki.

Fables is an adult manga that is easy to read and has a light story. Apart from anime, The Fable has been adapted into two films in 2019 and a sequel in 2021.

5. Boukyaku Battery

This anime follows a scary battery duo who disappears because one has amnesia. They went to a high school without a baseball team, which eventually was full of talented players.

This Spring 2024 anime has less hype than other Mappa productions, even though Boukyaku Battery is Mappa Studio's latest work with marvelous animation. 

Even though the format and plot of the story are not that different from other school-themed sports anime, this is suitable for fans of the light sports genre and is filled with deadpan comedy.

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