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The Garfield Movie Review: More Like 90s Family Movies

Gaffield was initially released in comic strip form by Jim Davis and has been developed into an animated series, video game, and even a restaurant franchise since 1976. Only adapted into a film in 2004, The Garfield Movie is the third big-screen iteration.

This movie is the latest attempt by Columbia Pictures to bring Garfellow back to the big screen. Presented with a light-and-easy-to-follow story and full of messages, the film, directed by Mark Dindal, provides warmth for fans and new audiences.

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In this film, Chris Pratt returns to animated film after voicing Mario and gives new nuance to Garfield, who enjoys his life after being adopted by Jon (Nicholas Hoult). Garfield is transformed into a lazy house cat and does whatever he wants.

One night, Garfield was kidnapped while trying to eat his midnight snack. Jinx (Hannah Waddington) kidnapped him. The goal is to trap Garfield's father, Vic (Samuel L. Jackson), Jinx's former partner who abandoned her.

Jon, Jinx, and Garfield in The Garfield Movie

Vic makes a deal with Jinx to free him. Once annoyed with his father, Garfield realized that his father was not the person he thought he was after going through various adventures together.

This film is packaged as a family film, mainly focused on family bonding between children and fathers. As the story goes on, Mark Dindal explores the relationship between Garfield and Vic. The plot could be more memorable as if it were a family film from the 90s.

This animated film is 1 hour 41 minutes long and stars fantastic voice actors. Apart from Pratt and Hoult, there is Samuel L. Jackson as Vic, Hannah Waddingham as Jinx, Ving Rhames as Otto, and a brilliant Snoop Dog's cameo as Snoop Catt.

The Garfield Movie review

After appearing as the voice of Mario in The Super Mario Bros. Movie (2023), Pratt feels more natural and hilarious. On the other hand, Brett Goldstein, who played Hercules in Thor: Love and Thunder (2022), is a scene stealer, while the other characters feel less memorable.

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Directed by filmmaker and animator Mark Dindal, who animated The Emperor's New Groove (2000) and Chicken Little (2005), The Garfield Movie presented as a full-CG movie.

Dindal brings Garfield, who we have been known for. He is still bossy and lazy. He is famous because of his hilarious sarcasm and mischievousness. This film conveys the characteristics of one of the most popular characters, who turns 45 this year.

Considering this film targets the family, the conflict is simple. To create more layers for the character and story, there are new facts about who Garfield is and how Jon adopted him, including the background of how his father abandoned him.

Chris Pratt as Garfield

Rather than just exploring the lives of Garfield and Jon, this film takes a sentimental turn by revealing how these two friends first met, including the relationship between Garfield and his father.

The post-credit scene awaits those familiar with the story, but nothing shows about the sequel. Moreover, no news about how Columbia Pictures will come up with the idea of the sequel, even though Pratt may return if it gets a positive response from audiences in cinemas.

In the end, the families will enjoy The Garfield Movie. It brings memories for adults familiar with the character and fun entertainment for new audiences.

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