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My Hero Academia: Two Heroes (2018) Review: Good but Nothing Special

boku no hero academia: futari no heroes movie review
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Boku no Hero Academia or also known as My Hero Academia has become world phenomenon and been boasted to be the next giant like Bleach, Naruto and One Piece. But just like most of its predecessor, the anime movie is not too special in the story but quite fun and remarkable on the battles.

All Might takes Deku to I-Island to visit an old friend. As we can guess, on the island Deku will meet some of his classmates. Here we can see the movie is having trouble making excuses on how to make Deku's friends also come to the island.

The story develops when a group of criminals holds captive the party guests on the island which is reminiscent of Die Hard. The villain somehow manages to capture All Might and force him not to do something reckless if he wants Deku and his beloved students safe.

Boku no hero academia two hero movie review
Via IMDb
My Hero Academia: Two Heroes opens with a super fun opening sequence where we can see the young All-Might whose eyes are not black. How All-Might defeats the villains are visualized with cool animations and a very entertaining soundtrack. And this opening scene successfully raises the bar of what the movie will bring.

However, the huge expectation drastically collapses as the My Hero Academia movie tends to show what the series has explored before. One of them is how the students arguing whether they have to fight the villains or not because they are just students.

In other words, besides the opening scene, the final battle, and the new setting on I-Island where the top scientists work, what this movie offers does not exceed what we already have known from the series.

my hero academia movie review
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Even so, there are still some new things that you may find in this movie such as new characters like Dave and Melissa, Yuuei's students' party costumes, cute Deku and Uraraka’s romance bits, and different heroes supporting equipment.

The plot tends to be predictable. You can even guess how it will play out once Deku and All-Might set their feet on I-Island. Fortunately, Dave and Melissa's backstory makes the predictable twist quite emotional through the story of friendship and All-Might's legacy.

And luckily, the high expectations due to the opening sequence are paid off by an intense and epic final fight. If you think that the fight is over when All-Might intervenes, you are wrong because My Hero Academia: Two Hero still has something up its sleeve. A secret weapon that will make the fans shiver.

And thumbs up for this movie for including Deku’s friends in the final fight. Typically, most anime movies only highlight the main character at the final battle.

Rating: 3.5/5
Genre: Animation, Action, Comedy
Sutradara: Kenji Nagasaki
Penulis: Kôhei Horikoshi (manga & story), Yôsuke Kuroda (script)

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