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Dragon Ball Super Broly (2019) Review: It Was a Blast

dragon ball super broly review
Via IMDb
Dragon Ball Super: Broly proves that the franchise still has a lot to tell through the story of a forgotten Saiyan and mysterious planets in its universe. The movie looks modern yet felt nostalgic and certain parts give classic anime vibe. Even though it's full of typical Dragon Ball fight scenes, the movie also shows its heart from the stories of Broly and Vegeta planet.

After successfully saving the universe from the tournament in the Dragon Ball Super series, Goku still keeps training because he thinks there will always be stronger opponents out there. And it is true. Goku and friends have to face an opponent like no other than before. He is stronger and unstoppable. His name is Broly and he is Saiyan with extraordinary potential.

It's cinematic enough to be reminiscent of classic anime and sci-fi movies

Actually, I didn't expect too much from a Dragon Ball anime movie because typically it's only about fighting with an average story, especially if it isn't canon.

But apparently, Dragon Ball Super: Broly is a blast because this movie has an interesting story and cool visuals which the opening scene and opening credit are cinematic enough to look like classic science fiction and anime movie.

The beginning of this movie takes us back to the planet Vegeta in the past where Saiyans still exist and colonized by Frieza. This story is fresh and has a classic sci-fi movie vibe in 2D animation.

dragon ball broly review
Broly via IMDb
The technology in an old model space ship from Frieza's forces reminiscent of technology in classic movies such as Alien and Blade Runner. Whereas the scene when little Broly and his father arrive on a dangerous alien-filled planet which is often hit by storms reminds me of Aliens movie. The beginning of this movie feels more cinematic when the opening credit rolls with scoring which is nostalgic like classic anime movies.

Broly's character is what makes this movie interesting. His backstory as a Saiyan who has immense potential is very intriguing and also heartbreaking. If most of the anime movies have a weak villain, Broly manages to be a likable character like Goku and friends. Maybe it's because he was redesigned and written by Akira Toriyama himself.

With an interesting new planet and a new strong villain, the Dragon Ball franchise proves that it still has the potential to grow. There are so many corners of the universe that can be explored to expand the franchise.

But it's too bad that the movie only shows Broly's story for a short duration. It was so fun that I wouldn't mind if the whole movie only focused on Broly rather than Goku. Maybe Akira Toriyama wants Broly to be explored more in the anime series later.

Great fight sequences

As a Dragon Ball anime movie, it is expected that this movie will be dominated by awesome fighting scenes. And the director Tatsuya Nagamine (One Piece Film Z) successfully visualizes it very well. Every fight scenes are created with stunning animation. And fortunately, the CGI is also not dominant (not a fan of CGI in anime).

dragon ball super movie review
Via IMDb
This movie shows how Goku and Bejita are overwhelmed by Broly who can compete with them even when he can't transform into a Super Saiyan. The fierce battle between the Saiyans is getting more epic when their names are sung in the background like a battle cry as if we are watching the biggest fights in the century.

The action scene is too long and there is a jarring tone shift.

Although satisfying, the battle scenes in Dragon Ball Super: Broly feels too long. Moreover, this movie also has a jarring tone shift, from serious classic anime to typical shounen anime movie. If only it keeps using a serious tone throughout the movie, maybe Dragon Ball Super: Broly will be a perfect anime movie, at least for me.

But still, I think Dragon Ball Super: Broly is a blast, especially for anime movie which is adapted from an anime series because typically it would have weak supporting characters and an average story.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly still tells us about a fighter's biggest efforts to be the strongest because there always be someone stronger out there. Whereas the story about Broly tells us about what happens if a child is forced to fulfill a father's personal ambition.

Rating: 4/5
Genre: Animation, Action, Fantasy
Director: Tatsuya Nagamine
Writer: Akira Toriyama (pencipta karakter, screenplay)
Voice Actors: Masako Nozawa, Aya Hisakawa, RyƓ Horikawa

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