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After the Rain (2018) Review: It's Not That Controversy

"Love is blind," the proverb that we usually hear when love makes someone eager to do foolish, irrational or even things that are against norms and law. Like a minor loves a man decades older as in the 'After the Rain' movie.

The live action is adapted from Jun Mayuzuki's manga, 'Koi wa Ameagari no You ni' or 'After the Rain.' It's centered around a 17 years old young and talented sprinter, Tachibana Akira, who is taking a break from her track and field club as she suffered injury. Taking her break by having a part-time job in a family restaurant, it turns out that Akira has another reason spending her free time there. She is in love with the manager, Masami Kondo, who is a 45 years old widower with one child. Even though blinded by love, Tachibana still wants to persevere her love towards her manager.

Masami and Tachibana, via IMDb 
It may sound wrong and foul at first. But in fact, After the Rain live action is not always about love between a high schooler and an older man. The movie focuses more on the story of a girl who is still trying to figure out about herself. About what to do in her life.

The plot feels like a slice of life and simple without exploring the controversy of forbidden love too much. The result is, you can say the romance between the main characters is not too intense. In fact, it is lighter compared to 'Meet Me After School,' a Japanese series which also addresses the same issue.

Therefore, After the Rain movie is purely about a teenager who is still trying to figure out what she wants to do in her life. The talented Nana Komatsu brilliantly portrayed Akira, a girl who is confused about her dreams and what she really needs in life because of her trauma in the past.

Her love for the manager diverts her mind from the injury, but it also makes her forget that she still has dreams and future need to be prioritized more than her blind love to a man who is old enough to be her father.

Tachibana smells Masami's shirt, via IMDb 
On another hand, Masami Kondo's character who is also portrayed brilliantly by Yo Oizumi makes After the Rain movie becomes interesting as his action leaves the audience in the grey area about the issue. The manager wisely acts like a rational and thoughtful adult man concerning his underage employee's love so that we understand that a teenager can fall in love to anyone without any reason.

Generally, it was a fun movie, but a lack of intensity in romantic scenes makes After the Rain is not so special for a romantic drama, especially for you who expect to see a bittersweet love story of a girl who is falling in love or the tale of forbidden love between an underage girl with an older man.

Luckily, the cast brilliant performances, good looking visuals, convincing school and restaurant set and atmospheres, and also a relatively good soundtrack makes After the Rain is worth a watch. Especially if you are Nana Komatsu fans and love running.

Grade: 3,5/5 (Worth a watch)

Genre: Drama, Romance
Director: Akira Nagai
Writers: Jun Mayuzuki (manga), Riko Sakaguchi (screenplay)
Star: Nana Komatsu, Yô Ôizumi, Mari Hamada, Shôno Hayama, Hayato Isomura

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