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Bad Boys Ride or Die Review: One Last Ride (?)

The 29-years old franchise is back with a new story, old formula, but back with a bang of action sequence and fashionable camerawork. Following their success with Bad Boys for Life (2020), Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah return to lead the fourth iteration when the duo roasts each other.

It picked up after the last movie, opened by the marriage of Mike (Will Smith) and Christine (Melanie Liburd). Marcus (Martin Lawrence) collapsed in the middle of the wedding party and rushed to the hospital, where he dreams of the late Captain Howards (Joe Pantoliano) saying that he was murdered.

Martin Lawrence and Will Smith

They learn that someone sent large sums of money to the late Howard's bank account, spreading rumors that the captain was a corrupt cop and collaborated with the Romanian Mafia. The two then investigate Howard's son, Armando (played by Expend4bles’s Jacob Scipio).

Mike, Marcus, and Armando are trapped by the criminals, making them being chased by the Miami police and US Marshall. They promise to prove who the real killer is and clear Captain Howard's name.

(Soon to be) Bad Boys favorite movie

For the story, Bad Boys II (2003) is still a fan favorite. Then Bad Boys for Life became the highest-grossing film of the entire franchise. But Ride or Die can introduce the new experience and nostalgia for the returning fans.

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence were 26 years and 29 years when the first Bad Boys released in 1995. And the fourth movie can be their last film as Mike and Marcus, whereas it could be said to be one of the best films in the Bad Boys franchise.

The chemistry of Smith and Lawrence are still firing. The two of them can trash talk and roast each other and deliver jokes with little action but are enough to lighten the atmosphere of this movie.

cast of Bad Boys: Ride or Die

Some characters return, including a cameo by DJ Khalid who first appeared in the previous film. While the new characters give a fresh nuance to the film, the duo Smith and Lawrence are still the main attraction.

The story is not that strong enough to respond to the legacy of the franchise, with the formula being more suitable as a light 90s blockbuster. Packed with action, the premise is simple and arguably has been used many times in Hollywood sequels, but the execution feels new.

The formula is the same. Script written by Chris Bremner and Will Beall exploring how Mike and Marcus still act outside the rules of doing what they think is right. For a popcorn movie, it presents a new experience for viewers and loyal fans.

Will it be the last?

Adil & Bilal are no strangers to the adrenaline-filled action film scene. Even though Batgirl, one of their upcoming DC movies, somewhat was not released, they gave a new recipe to the journey of the duo Mike and Marcus, including promising action.

Will is still energetic at mid-fifties. A behind-the-scenes showing how the Oscar winning actor for King Richard (2021) acted while moving with a camera attached into his body. Resulting in one of the most refreshing action sequences of this franchise, captured from Mike's point-of-view as if the audience were playing a first-person shooter game like Call of Duty or Apex Legends.

For those who are waiting, Ride or Die has no post credit scene. It was different when the third installment teased the fourth film on the post credit scene, even though El Arbi stated that he would like to see the duo in other countries as the franchise will be expanded globally.

Releasing the story and vibes of a 90s action film, Bad Boys: Ride or Die presents nostalgia in the continuation of the narrative of the iconic duo Mike and Marcus. It has a fun ride with enjoyable scenes of choreography and camerawork, but Hollywood seems to be hungry for more Bad Boys movies.

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