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One Piece Chapter 948 Discussion: Kawamatsu the True Yokozuna

Remember Urashima? The Wano Yokozuna that Luffytaro sent flying with a single hit in chapter 916? I was always wondering why Oda created a super weak sumo champion character in a special arc like Wano. It turns out that the true undisputed champion is not him, but Kawamatsu, one of the 9 Red Scabbards. And he is finally introduced in One Piece chapter 948.

Okay, let’s start this One Piece chapter discussion. From despair in Udon prison, Queen’s epithet origin, Kawamatsu take the stage, to the reunion of Kozuki clan retainers in Udon prison.

Udon prison lives up to its name

After Queen left Udon prison to Onigashima with Big Mom, Luffytaro is taking down Udon prison while training with his heart content. Just like the previous chapter, Luffytaro can’t still use the advanced busoshoku technique perfectly. But regardless, he is able to flow his haki for a moment.

Then this chapter shows us why Udon prison is known for breaking its prisoners’ spirit. Instead of helping Luffytaro taking down the prison, the prisoners are preventing our captain to do so by restraining him.

one piece chapter 948

They say that it’s futile to fight Orochi. Even if they escape the prison, there’s no place for them out there. It reflects that Udon prison has already broken their spirit.

Queen’s epithet origin

Finally, in One Piece chapter 948, we know where "Queen the Plague" epithet comes from. At first, I thought it was related to his devil fruit but we know that a Brachiosaurus is not able to create plagues. 

It appears that the epithet originates from Queen’s craftsmanship in creating mechanical weapons and infectious diseases. Here, we see Daifugo uses firearms with plague bullets. It only takes a hit to infect someone and a touch for the disease to spread.

one piece 948 theory and discussion

So, it seems that Queens and his subordinates are famous using this kind of trick in battle.

Yet, what makes me curious is whether Queen's mechanical arm also serves as a biological weapon or not.

Kawamatsu takes the stage

One Piece chapter 948 is called “Kawamatsu Takes the Stage.” Previously, we have seen this kind of title before. It emphasizes that Oda wants Wano arc to look like a Kabuki performance.

Okay, let’s go back to the chapter discussion. In this chapter finally, we see why Raizo and Hyou told Luffytaro that Kawamatsu is essential to their mission. It’s because the man is so strong.

Even though being chained, Kawamatsu the Kappa is still able to take down his enemies only by using fish bones. I think these bones are from the fish he ate back in chapter 924.

Raizo then delivers Kawamatsu’s handcuff key and his sword. We see Raizo is drifting by using his special outfit as his flying jutsu, different from Shinobu’s which used a conventional glider.

Finally free, Kawamatsu then shows us how strong he is. He easily defeats his enemies with Yagura Ryouu and Kapparyuu moves.

Speaking of which, these moves are interesting. I think Yagura Ryou looks similar to the advanced busoshoku technique that Sentomaru and Rayleigh used. It is also called Ryou like Haki in Wano. 


And one more thing, Kawamatsu is a Yokozuna, meaning he is a sumo wrestler. So it wouldn’t be surprising to see him using palm strike like the advanced busoshoku. But could he also be able to use the strongest advanced busoshoku technique that can pierce enemies’ armor? We have to wait for that.

The second move is Kapparyu. Kawamatsu holds his katana like how Isso Fujitora holds his. I don’t know what it’s called but it’s interesting to see since not many swordsmen in One Piece do the same.

op chapter 948 discussion kawamatsu

In One Piece chapter 948, finally, we see Kamatsu character design clearly. His appearance is kinda cute for a yokai. And also, he is called Kawamatsu the Yokozuna who is obviously way stronger than yokozuna Urashima.

one piece 948 kawamatsu power

Previously, Oda had already given hints about his status as a sumo wrestler when Kawamatsu said that he is interested in participating in the Sumo Inferno Tournament.

Speaking of sumo, I hope at the end of Wano arc, we will witness Lufftaro the sumo aspirant challenges Kawamatsu the yokozuna in a sumo tournament. That would be so cool.

The 9 red Scabbards are still alive

Knowing that a 9 Red Scabbards escape from his cell, Old maid prepare his men for war. I think without the help of other prisoners Luffytaro and friends can take down Udon prison along with all of its guards. But Hyou has another plan. He wants Raizo, Kawamatsu, and Okiku to reveal that there’s still hope to the prisoners. The 9 Red Scabbards are still alive.

Raizo unveils his face and Okiku covers his face with a demonic mask to make the prisoners remember (nice play Oda!).

kikunojo one piece theories

They want to show all the prisoners that the ghosts of Wano are still alive.

With a cool Avengers-esque pose, one by one the Udon prison liberation gang is introduced.

kikunojo one piece

Okiku appears to be the most beautiful samurai, Kikunojo the Lingering Snow. She is a man but a woman at heart. From the beginning of her introduction, Oda had already given us cues about this. Zorojuro once amazes and curious about Okiku huge stature and couple of times she introduces herself like a male samurai. Regardless, I'm still gonna address Kiku as a she anyway.

Raizo is not an ordinary ninja. He is Fukurokuju’s biggest rival. It means that Raizo the Mist is toe to toe with the Oniwabanshu leader. I wonder if Fukurokuju’s reason for taking Orochi’s side is related to his rivalry with Raizo.

Then, there is Kawamatsu. As we all know, he is a kappa, sumo champion, and a very strong samurai!

For Hyou grandpa, finally, all of the prisoners realize that the small and gentle old man is the former strong and respected yakuza boss.

The introduction of each Kozuki clan’s retainer living legends then turns to something funny when the audiences questioning who is "the Luffytaro guy" and ignoring Chopperemon.

With this revelation, Old Maid then acknowledged that Orochi’s nonsense paranoia is all true. He plans to report this to Kaido, but Caribou had already sabotaged the communication system. Moreover, Okiku who was unreliable and wishy-washy turns to the fierce Kikunojo as she puts her mask on swearing that Old Maid and his men will be silenced.

With Kawamatsu appearance, the only member of 9 Red Scabbards who is still in mystery is Denjiro. Where is he? Is he Kyoshiro or the Witching Hour Boy or maybe not both? Let’s hope we will find out soon.

Kiku and Izo

Lastly, let us discuss Okiku and Izo theory for a sec. Since chapter 943, there’s a theory that Izo was once the member of 9 Red Scabbards before joining Shirohige pirates. This theory developed after a flashback in that chapter in which we saw one member of Red Scabbards looked like Izo while Okiku was not seen in it.

kiku izo one piece

I think there’s a chance that Okiku replaced Izo after Izo’s departure. Okiku was chosen because she is related to Izo as they are both are cross-dressers. And this theory is supported by Okiku always addresses Kinemon or Kawamatsu with an honorific term like they are her seniors.

But of course, there’s also a chance that Okiku dressed like Izzo in the past which means she is the original member since the very beginning. Who knows?

That’s all of my One Piece chapter 948 discussion. If you have theories or speculations about this chapter let me know in the comment below.
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