Is Joker Movie Really Worth the Hype?

The Joker movie teaser trailer immediately became a hot discussion online because it looks very promising. From the trailer, it seems the movie will tell about the origin story of the villain with a more realistic and humane approach compared to most superhero universe movies.

People also reacted positively to Joaquin Phoenix's performance in the two-minutes video that many already predict the actor would get an Oscar for his role as Joker. Not only that, but the movie fans also raise the roof because Joker movie shows references to Martin Scorsese's Taxi Driver.
Joaquin Phoneix in Joker, via IMDb
Is Joker movie really worth the hype even before being released? Here are some reasons why it is worth and why it is not.

Joker without Batman

What would happen to Joker without his arch-enemy, Batman? For me, this is the most interesting thing about this movie.

As Heath Ledger's Joker said to Batman in The Dark Knight, "you complete me." Or like what happened in Frank Miller's masterpiece, Batman Returns, where the Joker loses his life purpose when Batman retires. In other words, both of them complete each other.

So it will be very interesting how this movie will present The Clown Prince of Crime without The Cape Crusader.

The Joker's origin story

Joker is also worth the hype because it will tell about the origin story of the villain in a live action movie. From the trailer, we can tell that before turning into a criminal, the Joker is only a disregarded human in the society and worst, people also treat him badly.

It only takes a bad day to turn someone like Arthur Fleck into a psychopath like the Joker. Surely this will be very interesting to watch.

Joaquin Phoenix factor

Joaquin Phoenix has been known as one of the best actors alive. Unfortunately, with his fascinating track record playing various interesting characters, he has never won an Oscar. Not for his role in The Master nor in Her.
And only based on a teaser trailer, many have predicted that the actor is very worthy to get an Oscar for his role as the Joker. Surely, it will be a loss if you don't witness the actor's performance as the Joker on the biggest screen.

Directed by Hangover director

Although it is so interesting and promising, there is one thing that makes me hesitant to put high hopes for the movie. It's because of the director.

Todd Philips who is the director has an average track record. Hangover was indeed a surprise and a lot of fun, but not really for the sequels, in my opinion. The same goes to his another movie like War Dogs.

Don't get me wrong. I want Joker to be a great movie. But usually, the director determines the quality of a movie. And that's why you shouldn't immediately expect too much only based on a teaser trailer.

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